How to fix Evercoss Overheating Problem [Troubleshoot]

Evercoss is an Indonesian based mobile phone company who has partnered with Google to become one among the initial companies to launch the Android One initiative in the country. The company has both smartphones and feature phones. The company is trying to take its Android One initiative across the globe. The Evercoss company always strive to beat the Samsung company in the Indonesian handset shipment share and once in 2015, it got succeeded in the same.

To improve the experience in using the Evercoss Android devices they always concentrate on fixing the issues faced by their products. In this article, we are going to help you to fix Evercoss Overheating Problem.

How to fix Evercoss Overheating Problem  [Troubleshoot]

What can be the cause of Evercoss Overheating Problem?

Most of the smartphones will start to warm up from the minute you switch on them. So is the matter with Evercoss devices too. The warming up of the device is inevitable and is almost safe. But the overheating issue should be considered seriously before affecting the device affecting its performance that leads to damage.

So why do you Evercoss smartphones heat up? The answer is simply laid on the basic physics principle, “movement generates heat”. So the amount of heat produced by your smartphone is directly related to the amount of electricity passed through your device. That means a high graphics game can consume a lot of power which can lead the overheating of your device.

The SoCs are generally optimized to handle high temperatures by slowing down the device performance when it reaches the potentially damaging temperature level. When the situation is more severe, a warning will be displayed which prevents you from using your device until it cools down.


But if your device is facing with frequent overheating issues, then it could other solvable reasons mostly related to the hardware overloading. One of the quickest reason for your phone to get overheated is the pushing of your GPU for too long. The same can happen when overburden is given to your CPU via demanding apps. Multitasking, extra features, connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, will consume a hell lot of power which warms the SoC and it, in turn, consumes a lot of electricity that may lead to overheating.

The other reasons for your Evercoss Overheating Problem may be external to direct sunlight or direct heat, or maybe a hardware issue. Don’t worry at all! We are here to help you with solutions to fix Evercoss Overheating Problem.

How can we fix Evercoss Overheating Problem?

1. Battery tips

The worst thing we can do with a phone battery is to expose it to heat when it is fully charged. So periodically checking and charging your battery to 100% charge is a bad thing which stresses your battery. Same is the matter with the depth of discharge. You should not let your battery to drain up to 0%. It’s always safe to charge your battery from 30% to 80%.

Also when you have to charge your device overnight, don’t let the heat trap while charging by keeping it on your bed or sofa, instead keep it on a cool surface. Also, don’t place your device under your pillow or leave it under direct sunlight or heat.

2. Power saving

To prevent the overheating of your SoC, you should not play demanding games or watch videos for the too long period. It is also recommended not to multitask with such applications that demand a lot of energy, not to use Bluetooth for a long time, and also use Wi-Fi only when it’s stable.

3. No case or cover.

You should keep your phone naked. Yeah, we meant it!! Don’t use a case or cover which can trap the heat emitted from the device.

4. Use a power saver app

There are so many apps in Google Play store which help to manage the phone’s processes by conserving power and resources and can extend the battery life. We recommend the Greenify app which is free of cost to help you in solving the overheating issue.

5. Don’t use your phone when it’s charging

Your phone’s battery will be already heated up while charging and when you use your device simultaneously it can even get heat up. So avoid playing, talking, and watching videos while charging.

6. Turn on the battery eating background apps

Next, to the high-graphic games, the background apps are the most battery consuming thing on your device. When you run more apps in the background it will eat up your battery and generates overheat. Apps like Facebook and messenger consumes a huge portion of energy and they continue to run even after you close it. So when you uninstall these apps you can really save your battery life (although it’s not practical). It’s always better to remove the unused apps.

Fortunately, we have got the “Force Stop” service on our devices through which we can completely stop the apps from running in the background. You can do it by going to Settings >> Apps>> choose the app>> Force Stop.

7. Update the software

System software can also help in solving the hearing issues. So update your phone whenever a new system update is available. To update to the latest Android software, go to Settings>> About >> Updates.

8. Battery issues

When all these solutions don’t help your overheating issue consider changing your battery or if it’s non-removable battery try to take it to a customer care service.


Hope all these solutions will help you to fix the Evercoss overheating problem. If you have any queries, feel free to ask via comment or contact us page.

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