Guide To Fix Evercoss Restarting And Freezing Problem

Smartphones are made with a large number of features that can operate infinite applications which make them smart. These features enable us to stay connected to the virtual social contacts. At this age of advanced smartphones, we don’t usually even remember the contacts that we use often. This show the importance of the smartphones in our daily life. In this topic, we will discuss the freezing and restarting problem on Evercoss smartphones.

For an average smartphone user, most of the task they do are synchronized with their smartphones. Smartphones are now not only used for entertainment, but also for official purposes like Email, Video conference, Group chats in tech platforms like GitHub, Charting the calendar. So smartphone plays an important role in the life of their user.

Evercoss are successful smartphones manufacturers in the tech market. The devices are tested before releasing into the market which ensures the reliability and reputation of the manufacturer. Even after continues testing and certifications there are chances for the devices to malfunction.

Guide To Fix Freezing and Restarting Problem on Evercoss Smartphones

What makes the devices to freeze or restart while in operation?

There are so many factors that combine to make the smartphones to work smoothly. If one of them could not perform well then it can affect the device performance. When the tasks get overloaded or the cache gets filled then the device can freeze or get restarted automatically. Here we discuss the fixes for Freezing Problem or restarting of the Evercoss smartphones.

Steps to fix freezing and restarting problem on Evercoss smartphones.

  • Soft reset the device. This is by re Installing the parts like SD card, SIM card, battery (if it is removable). Then restart the phone manually.
  • Update the device firmware. The issue may be with the device system software. By updating the firmware the bugs can get fixed and the issues regarding the freezing may be fixed. To check for firmware updates go to settings > about phone > system updates > install the update.
  • Download all the app updates. Sometimes the problem can be associated with the applications and the issues can be caused by the applications. By updating the applications, the new optimizations or bug fixes can wipe off the current device freezing issue.
  • Clear app caches. The caches are temporary files created by the applications for its functions. These might get overloaded and eat up the free space in internal storage, which in turn affect the speed of smartphone operation. You can either clear the cache one by one or get the help from third-party applications. The third-party applications can clear the cache as well as other junk files like thumbnails.
  • Uninstall the apps that you have recently downloaded. May the issue is caused by the compatibility issues of the new app that you have installed so delete the app and check whether the issue is resolved.
  • The final option is to hard reset your device. Back up all the data before resetting because this will delete all the data on your smartphone. To do this go to settings > back up and reset > factory reset.

If you cannot find the solution for your problem even after performing all these functions then you should send your device for repair in an authorized service centre.


We hope that by this post you are able to fix the Freezing/restarting problem on Evercoss smartphones. For more queries drop your valuable comments or contact us directly.

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