How to Fix Galaxy S8 Camera Focus Problem

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the best smartphones available in the market in the present scenario. It has been launched recently and Samsung has worked very hard to make it a success. The fact is, failure of Note 7 made Samsung more conscious about the devices. However, the fact is their smartphones are yet not 100% error free. Galaxy S8 still faces a lot of issues. Although most of them are minor and related to bugs in the OS, they are daunting. In this post, I will guide you on how to fix Galaxy S8 Camera focus problem easily.

How to Fix Galaxy S8 Camera Focus Problem

It is true that camera focus problem in Galaxy S8 has been reported by a lot of users all over the world and Samsung is largely expected to fix it in the next update. However, no one wants to wait for so long to fix them. You need not to worry about anything as the issue can be fixed very simply. Before proceeding further, it must be noted that this problem is not present in all the units of Galaxy S8 but only some random users have faced it. Actually, the camera has been reported to focus on the target when the camera app is opened.

Samsung has equipped their Galaxy S8 with a 12 MP camera. On a few devices, it has been reported to focus easily on nearby objects but fails to keep up the pace when the objects are at some distance. Although no permanent solution is yet available as Samsung hadn’t given any official statement about the same, you can proceed with the information shared in this post.

You may find it strange or daunting, but with this solution, you can find the problem would probably be gone and up to a great extent. You might be wondering to know what exactly it is. Well, it’s nothing but “shaking your device” at the same time when the Camera app is running. You can try it on Samsung Galaxy S8 if you find the problem is there with the focus. Upon shaking, the device camera will probably start working properly and you cannot find issues related to focus.

You can even tap the Camera lens gently in case shaking doesn’t work for you. Although this method seems weird, there are chances that the problem would be gone. It is largely expected that the next Android update for this device will eliminate the problem for sure.


I hope this guide will be helpful to Fix Galaxy S8 Camera Focus Problem.

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