How to fix issues with home button on iPhone 8 plus

With the new iPhone X launch, the home button is an old-fashioned thing on smartphones. But for the model launched with it, the iPhone 8 plus home button do exist. There are no gestures support provided for the iPhone 8 plus like iPhone X so home button usage is still significant in this. So a broken home button can be an annoying issue. There have been some reports regarding such an issue from recent users. This article will take you through ways to fix issues with home button on iPhone 8 plus.

How to fix issues with home button on iPhone 8 plus

Ways to fix issues with home button on iPhone 8 plus

The chances of a hardware failure with the home button are something with low probability on iPhone 8 plus. The home button seen on iPhone 8 plus is not actually a button. Apple has added some special vibration patterns to give the feeling of home button for users. you can also change these patterns as you like. The things you can do when you find a home button issue are given below.

Try assistive touch

Assistive touch is a feature which will reduce the use of a physical home button on iPhones. This really helped up to iPhone 6 as this will save the damage to the physical button of the device. If you are facing a home button issue and can’t access it, assistive touch is still there as a solution for you. The steps to enable assistive touch are:

  1. Open settings
  2. Tap open general option
  3. Tap on accessibility
  4. Tap on assistive touch
  5. Tap on the button near to assistive touch to enable it

Try changing vibration patterns

iPhone 8 plus provides various vibration patterns for the home screen. You can try changing this and this will fix issues of not hearing the click of the home button. The steps to do this are:

  1. Open settings tap on general
  2. Tap on home button
  3. Select from ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’ option
  4. Tap Done

Reset all settings

If nothing works you can reset the settings of the device as a try. The steps to reset all settings are:

  1. Open settings
  2. Tap on general
  3. Swipe down and tap on reset
  4. Tap on reset all settings
  5. Confirm reset

I hope this guide was useful in understanding how to fix issues with home button on iPhone 8 plus. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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