How to Fix LG V30 Crashing and Freezing problem

Markets these days are flooded with some of the amazing smartphones that are best in every aspect. Since the last few years, they have gained a lot of popularity all over the world. The reason is innovation and technology that have enabled the manufacturers to think beyond any obstacle and limit. One of the best examples for this is LG V30 which is actually one of the best devices to be trusted in 2018. Although it has gained a lot of popularity, like other Android devices, a few users have reported about the crashing and freezing issues. So here in this post, I will guide you on how to fix LG V30 crashing and freezing problem through some simple tricks.

There are certain factors that can give rise this problem in the LG V30 and thus we are going to discuss them on after one. However, it is recommended to you make sure that your OS is up-to-date before you go with this guide. Sometimes minor OS glitches and bugs can also be responsible for this and they are probably gone after updating the device. However, if you find your device is fully updated and still it shows this behavior, go ahead with the following guide.

Fix LG V30 Crashing and Freezing problem by Factory Reset

It is one of the very effective approaches that can help you to avoid this problem in the shortest possible time. However, it’s worth mentioning here that all your device data would be gone after performing it. It is also called as a hard reset. Therefore it would be good if you take a data backup before you actually proceed with this method to fix LG V30 crashing and freezing problem.

Fix LG V30 Crashing and Freezing problem due to memory

It must be kept in mind that when you use your device for long and don’t restart it, there are certain chances that it might start freezing and crashing. Sometimes simply restarting or rebooting the same wouldn’t let the problem go and thus you need to clear the memory cache. The instructions to enable you to assist your device to recover from this problem are as follows.

  • First, of all open the App tray from the Home screen
  • After this, open the Manage Applications app.
  • Next is to tap on the application that is frequently crashing.
  • Simply tap the Clear Data and Clear Cache button for same.

Fix LG V30 Crashing and Freezing problem by deleting the bad apps

Most of the time a device become unresponsive and crash frequently because of no other reason than the third-party apps. It is therefore very necessary that the same would be deleted or disabled to keep up the pace in this matter. This can be done either by taking the device in safe mode. However, it’s better if you delete the same permanently from your device.


It must be noted that sometimes this problem appears because of lack of memory in the device. Make sure your device has at least 1 GB of free space. Thus, deleting the files or data that is no longer required would probably help you to make your device in good working condition again.


  1. If your LG V30 is completely frozen or unresponsive, here’s how to fix it.
    The battery is no longer removable, and instead, you just need to hold a few buttons down for 8 seconds.
    Press and hold the power (fingerprint scanner) and volume down button at the same time for 8 seconds. Your phone will vibrate, turn off, and restart. This works even if the phone is completely frozen, the screen is black, anything. This typically fixes any minor problem users experience, and no it doesn’t delete or erase anything. It’s just a simple reset, only you forced the phone to reboot.

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