How to Fix Mobile Data Not Working Issue on iPhone and Android?

Everything in life is temporary, and so is your Mobile Data Connection, which can appear to fail without any apparent reason and cause you great trouble during your work. Smartphones may have a lot of issues regarding their usage, but one of the most common is the loss of Mobile Data Connection.

So if you’re are here, we are sure that you are somehow in this kind of trouble. Well, here we have got a lot of solutions for you. And the best part is the fixes to these kinds are problems that are quite comfortable. So let’s get going.

How to Fix Mobile Data Not Working Issue on iPhone and Android

How to Tell if Your Mobile Data is Not Working?

If you’re experiencing slow internet connectivity or slow upload and download speed, it may be a Mobile issue rather than a network fault. Your network connectivity bar shows full, but still, you are not able to access the web. Although connectivity issues can happen anytime, we have to agree its quite annoying. If your network status shows connected, but still, everything doesn’t seem to work anyhow.

After a lot of trails, if you’re experiencing the same issue but still unable to solve, don’t panic as we have got you covered for both Android and iOS devices. But first, you can go to a speed checking website and check with your service provider to ensure it is a problem with your mobile device.

How to Fix Mobile Data Not Working Issue?

Below we will discuss all the possible ways with which you can surely bring back your internet connectivity to life. The steps that we are going to discuss are relatively simple. So we advise doing all this yourself, and you won’t require any service center visit for such mere issue. Below are the steps to Fix your Mobile Data. Let’s start.


1. Check for Your Daily Data Limit

This is the most overlooked and hence the most common problem associated with mobile devices nowadays. As service providers prescribe a definite mobile data usage limit, and when that limit is crossed, the internet speed slows down or even stops. This makes a panic situation in the minds of users that their internet isn’t working. We recommend to go and check their Data Usage Limit, which is present in the Data usage section in both Android and iOS. And if that is the case, recharge with an Add-on data pack to continue. If this is not your problem, you can continue to the next.

2. Check for APN Settings

APN stands for Access Point Name, and believe this is an essential internet connectivity aspect in a Smartphone. With wrong APN settings, forget connecting to the internet, your Data Connection will also never turn on. For proper APN settings, request an APN from your service provider, install it, and restart your phone. This will surely solve all internet connectivity issues. Your problem will be solved after this, but continue reading as the other sections are important, as you may need them for further troubleshooting.

3. Restart Your Mobile Device

Restarting your device solves most of the problems in an Android or iOS device. This is because switching the device off and then turning it on restarts the micro-services that are not in the hands of us. This solves the optimization and forces the starting of some internal components, thus bringing back your internet connection to normal.

4. The Secret Code Menu

This secret code menu is a power user thing, and you must follow every step carefully. Otherwise, there may be some risks with this. The secret code menu of Android and iPhones are different, so we are going to discuss it in two parts.

For Android

To enter the secret code menu in Android, open the Dialer and enter the code: *#*#4636#*#*. As soon as you press the *(star) key, the secret menu instantly opens. From there, go to “Phone information” and try turning the radio off and on. After that, refresh the components and Run the Ping Test. At last, restart your device. This will solve almost all the network connectivity issues on your Android.

For iPhone

To enter the secret code menu on the iPhone, open the Dialer and enter this code *3001#12345#*. As soon as you enter, the secret mode will open, and you can see your network levels in dB. Where -113dB signifies the lowest speed, and -50dB shows the highest. The dB will be between in between any of the two. Try to check the settings and Run a ping test. After that, restart your device.

5. Try Re-inserting your SIM card.

Taking out and re-inserting the SIM card solves the problems of most of the users. Without getting so much technical on hands, anyone can swap the SIM cards or even change their locations to see whether, and everything is back to normal. After exchanging, remember to restart your device.

6. Check for the Right Network Mode

This is the case with many users complaining about slow connectivity problems. Some users forget switching their network mode from 2G/3G even when they are using a 4G network or a 4G data pack. So we recommend checking that before moving on to the next solution.

7. Factory Reset

When everything else seems to fail, then the Factory Reset option comes to rescue. Doing a Factory Reset ensures that everything is back to order like when the phone arrived. It overwrites any user-made problem that you might have forgotten. So performing a Factory Reset or will solve all your smartphone problems. But before performing a factory reset, you must ensure proper data back up and also check if there is a Reset Network preferences option in between.


In a modern smartphone, there are a lot of customization and configuration techniques that can cause Mobile Internet Connectivity issues. But more or less all such can be handled a lot easier by tiny hand-techs. We advise our users not to be panic about such problems. Further, due to this COVID-19 lockdown, service providers have slowed down their internet speed to a great extent to handle massive traffic. As everybody is in their homes. This is the case with most people. So if you’re getting troubled by this issue, just stay calm, and everything will be back to normal. Also, if you’ve any queries or feedback regarding Mobile Data connectivity problems, feel free to comment below, and we will be there for you. Thank You

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