How to Fix No Service on LG V30

Unexpected behavior of a smartphone often results in extreme anger on a user’s face. Well, the fact is quite true especially when a high-end device like LG V30 shows the same. Although it’s good enough to be trusted, sometimes it shows No service. This doesn’t actually mean it’s a hardware problem but the fact is there are certain reasons that can be responsible for this. In case you are also experiencing this problem, this post is helpful for you to know how to fix No Service on LG V30.

The “No Service” or No SIM service problem on the device wouldn’t let you make or receive any call. In short, it makes your device totally useless. Before you proceed with this guide, it is suggested to keep some basic information about your device such as its IMEI number with you. After this, follow the guide mentioned below.


How to Fix No Service on LG V30

Know the issues causing the signal error

One of the most common factors responsible for this problem is nothing but when the device radio signal is not enabled. There are certain chances that it might be turned off during turning ON or turning OFF the Wi-Fi. However, there is nothing to worry as the same can be fixed quickly and in fact very reliably. The signal error problem can be fixed by following the below instructions.

  • Simply turn ON your device screen and access the Dial pad.
  • Dial (*#*#4636#*#*) and your LG V30 will go into the service mode automatically
  • Next is to access the Service mode
  • Tap “Device information” and then tap Run Ping test
  • After that, press the Turn Radio Off button
  • Reboot your device

The problem will probably be gone and you need not to worry after this. In case it’s still present, follow the next method


Remove and re-insert the SIM

Simply take out the SIM card out of the phone and re-insert it in it. Make sure you reboot your device after this. There are chances that the SIM might not be properly inserted on the device. In case the problem still exists, it’s time for you to contact your network provider to ensure whether the services are active on your number or have been temporarily or permanently disabled on your SIM due to any reason.

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