How to fix not charging problem on Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X with no doubt the star of the smartphone market today. With no big competition from other manufacturers, Apple iPhone X is for sure the only one device on the full display devices. Although many more manufacturers have plans to launch the full display device mimicking Apple’s decision, iPhone X still stay as the pioneer to this trend. The features of the device are also awesome, which makes a user never care about the big price tag it has. But no matter how big is the device and the manufacturer, iPhone X users worldwide already started to report their device as not charging. If you are facing the same issue please read the ways to fix not charging problem on Apple iPhone X, given below.

How to fix not charging problem on Apple iPhone X

Ways to fix not charging problem on Apple iPhone X

The one common issue reported on every Apple device is the device not charging. This has been coming up for almost all devices from Apple from users around the globe. In most cases, the problem was something that can be fixed easily. Read below the fixes you can try if you are encountering the same issue with your iPhone X.

Change your cable

The most basic fix for this issue is changing the charging cable. Although Apple is a big manufacture producing devices of high build quality, they always failed to do this with something as simple as the charging cable. The charging cable provided from Apple with the box is something that can get damaged easily. Most of the reported cases were because of the same issue. So if you are facing such an issue make sure your charging cable is not damaged. If it is damaged replacing it is the only solution.

Clear you charging port

Dust and dirt can cause serious problems in case of charing. So if it is not the charging cable which is causing the issue, it will be probably the dust and dirt. So try cleaning the port and the issue will be solved.

Get technical assistance

If none of the above helped, then there might be a physical damage to your Charging port or battery. It is not recommended that you do these kinds of fixes yourself. So get to a certified professional to get things fixed.


I hope this guide was useful in understanding how to fix not charging problem on Apple iPhone X s. If you have any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.


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