Fix: Samsung Galaxy F41 No 4G LTE | Network Issue

The new smartphone from Samsung that is the Samsung Galaxy F41 is capable of 4G LTE connectivity along with support for VoLTE. So you can enjoy all of 4G with this new smartphone. But not everyone who owns this smartphone is getting the most of it. Some of them are experiencing issues with 4G LTE connectivity. Either the connection switches to 3G, or there is no network at all.

Now a delay in bill payments could be the result of this, but some people pay the bill on time, but they are still experiencing the issue. For some, it might even be a network issue. Maybe the service provider does not have network coverage in that area. However, if there is someone who pays the bills and also resides in a place where there is network coverage for 4G, then the issue is definitely with the phone itself. Now, if you are one of the customers of the Samsung Galaxy F41 and you are having issues with the 4G LTE connectivity, then try the fixes mentioned below. They will quickly fix any software issue causing problems with 4G LTE on your phone. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Fix: Samsung Galaxy F41 No 4G LTE | Network Issue

How to fix No 4G LTE signal in the Samsung Galaxy F41?

One of the fixes mentioned below will do the trick for you for solving the no 4G LTE error in your Samsung Galaxy F41. Try the fixes one after the other and see which one works for you.

Turn Airplane mode on and off:

Firstly, try using Airplane mode in your smartphone. Turning on the Airplane mode will ensure that all the wireless connections in your phone will be temporarily turned off. Then turning it on again will set things right again. You can use the Airplane mode in your phone to give all the wireless communications in your phone a reset.

To turn on the Airplane mode in your Samsung Galaxy F41, go to Apps > Settings > Connections > Airplane Mode. Now turn on the toggle for the Airplane mode, and you will see the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and SIM network turn off. Wait a while and then restart your smartphone. Now again go to the Airplane Mode menu and turn off the toggle for the Airplane mode. Now all your connections will be restored. After that is done, check whether you get 4G LTE coverage or not if you don’t then try the next solution.


Reset network settings:

There is an option to reset the network settings on your phone too. You can give that a try too. It might be able to fix your no network for 4G LTE issue. Resetting network settings will clear out every Wi-FI network, Bluetooth connections, APNs and more in your smartphone. It will give a reset to the network and connectivity aspect of your smartphone.

To reset the network settings in your Samsung Galaxy F41, go to Settings > General management > Reset. Now in the reset menu, tap on Reset Network Settings. Then finally tap on the blue button on your screen that reads Reset settings.

After this wait till the reset is complete. After it is done, check whether the no 4G LTE coverage is fixed or not. If it is still there, then try the next possible solution.

Reinsert the SIM card:

Sometimes the issue could be with the SIM card that is installed in your SIM tray. So reinstalling the SIM card in the slot again may get rid of the problem.

But firstly, turn off your smartphone entirely otherwise it might cause damage to your smartphone. Then get the pin ejector tool from the retail box of the phone and use it to push into the small hole in the SIM tray. It will push the SIM tray out. Here, check if the SIM card is placed correctly in the SIM tray or not. For confirmation, take the SIM card out of the tray and put it there again. Now push the SIM tray back into the slot and turn on your Samsung Galaxy F41. After that, turn on your smartphone and wait till it boots up correctly. Then check whether the no 4G LTE issue is resolved or not. If you still see no network coverage for 4G LTE then move on to the final solution.

Hard reset the smartphone:

If you are definite that you are experiencing no 4G LTE issue due to a software glitch, then perform a hard reset right away, and it will terminate all running services and apps. This should get rid of any software inconsistencies.

To perform a hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy F41, press and hold the power key and the volume down key for around 10 seconds. You will then see the system logo screen on your phone. Let go of the buttons when you see the Samsung logo and wait till the device reboots properly. Then check whether the no 4G LTE issue is fixed or not.


Now if you are still experiencing problems with the coverage of 4G LTE then contact your service provider and enquire whether the SIM you are using is 4G activated or not. If it is 4G activated then ask the provider whether there is any ongoing network coverage issue in your area. Finally, try inserting another 4G SIM into your smartphone to see if the 4G network shows up or not. If it shows 4G on the other SIM, then the problem is definitely with the SIM you are using. Get it replaced by your service provider. If you do not 4G LTE even with the new SIM, then take your smartphone to the nearest Samsung Care. They will fix any hardware issue that you might have on your smartphone.

So that is all about fixing No 4G LTE signal in the Samsung Galaxy F41. If you have any questions or queries about this guide, then comment down below, and we will get back to you. Also, be sure to check out our other articles on iPhone tips and tricks, Android tips and tricks, PC tips and tricks, and much more for more useful information.

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