How To Quickly Fix Sound Problems In Evercoss smartphones?

Bought an Evercoss device and facing Sound issue? Then, here in this guide, we will try to fix the Sound Problems In Evercoss smartphones.

As the necessity of technology, smartphones have become an integral part of our day to day lives. Evercoss is one among them, which is an Indonesia-based mobile phone manufacturer who has partnered with Google to become one of the first companies to launch the Android One initiative in Indonesia. The company’s product portfolio features smartphones and feature phones both. These 4G smartphones recently gained a lot of users internationally. Now it’s among the top-selling mid-range smartphones. They have lots of premium smartphones too. Evercoss have smartphones in many costs ranges from budget to mid-range, and for high-end features, they have premium smartphone products. Evercoss have done quite well in marketing their devices by including advanced features in their devices.

These days we can’t even remember the last time we actually didn’t use our smartphone for a whole day. Evercoss smartphones come to the market after strict checking, testing, and evaluations. Rarely some of the devices show problems even after stringent tastings. This is quite normal in any electronic devices. Any single component can generate malfunction for the entire device working condition. One of the common problems faced by the users of Evercross smartphone users is the problem associated with the sound. Here, we are going to discuss the problems and fixes for Sound problems in Evercoss smartphones. If you are one among them then read and executes the steps described in this post to fix these kinds of problems.

Is it normal to have Sound problems in Evercoss smartphones?

When you keep more or less your whole life on a smartphone, you need that gadget to keep functioning properly. But in the case of smartphones that we use regularly; problems arise from our mistakes too which may not be a real problem. So the answer to the question is that it is normal to experience problems with the phones but if it occurs most of the time without any user mistakes then the chances are it is not normal. Thankfully, some of these common problems can be fixed without having to take it to a service centre, all you need is the knowledge of how to fix them.
Problems and fixes for Evercoss smartphone problems.

Problems and methods to fix the sound issues of Evercoss smartphones.

1. No sound during a call.

  1. Make sure that the speaker sound level is increased up to the required level. If it is not then you have to increase the volume by holding the volume up to the key during the call.
  2. Put the phone on speaker phone and then check whether the issue is with the earpiece speaker. If the sound doesn’t work’s fine in earpiece then you should take the phone to an authorized service center.
  3. If you’re both the earpiece and stereo speaker do not make any sound then connect a headphone to ensure whether it is the speaker problem of sound driver problem.
  4. Try Diagnosing the phone. To do this open you’re ever cross phone dial and type ##7353# to enter to device diagnostic tool. Then check the internal and rear speakers.
  5. Now Restart the device to check whether you still facing the problem or not.

2. Phone self-mutes without any notification.

  1. Restart your smartphone.
  2. Now turn off the mute mode by holding the volume up key.
  3. Keep the device in the safe mode and check whether the issue persists. If the phone works fine in safe mode then
  4. Uninstall the recent apps or app updates that you have installed.
  5. If none of the above works then Factory reset the device.

This can be considered as the last option always because by performing this you will lose all the data on your device. So don’t forget to back up the data. To do this first go to settings, then back up and reset then factory reset.


Send it for repair.

It is advised to take your Evercoss smartphone to repair when you cannot find a solution. But make sure that you taking it to an authorized service center.

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