Fix: Twitch No Sound While Streaming

Do you like to binge-watch Twitch streaming but often unable to hear the audio? Well, you’re not the only one with that complaint. The no-sound issue while watching streaming on Twitch may occur due to various reasons. It may be the browser that could be buggy. The issue may be lying with the audio driver on your computer. Internet connectivity can also be a culprit which will cause lag. You may get to see the video but there won’t be any audio.

In this guide, I have put up some simple troubleshooting for you that will help you fix the no-sound problem while watching Twitch streaming. The fixes are pretty simple. You have to update your audio driver, fix your internet if it’s not efficient. There is also another solution where you can try to reset your computer web browser. In most cases, the reason for no sound during watching streaming on Twitch is the outdated audio driver. Anyways, let’s get into the guide and know the troubleshoot in detail.

Fix: Twitch No Sound While Streaming

So, here are the troubleshooting methods.

Update Your Browser

Normally, web browsers update themselves automatically. Still, for some reason the current build is probably not updated may have some. That bug may cause the error of no sound while you are watching streaming on Twitch. So, you can manually check and update your browser. I will show you the method for the Chrome browser as I use that one.

  • Open browser
  • On the right-hand corner click on the 3-dot button
  • Select Settings from the menu that opens
  • Then on the left-hand panel click on About Chrome
    Update chrome browser and fix no sound in Twitch streaming
  • As you can see my Chrome browser is already running an updated and latest build.

Check Internet Connectivity

Is your internet working properly.? If your internet speed is low, then that may contribute to video and audio stutter in a Twitch live stream. Do a speed test or try to contact your ISP and ask them if any maintenance is undergoing.? If they affirm about maintenance then wait for that to get over. Otherwise, try to reconnect your internet settings manually or ask for help from your service provider.

Update Your PC Audio Driver

Updating device drivers are always important to ensure the smooth functioning of all the apps.

  • In the search box of your Windows, type Device Manager
  • Click Open
  • Navigate to Sound, video and Game Controllers
  • There on the corresponding audio driver right-click
  • Select Update Driver
    update audio driver to fix Twitch streaming but no sound issue
  • Then click on Search Automatically for driver
    search for drivers
  • If actually an update is required, then the system will search for available drivers and update accordingly

Remove Audio Enhancements to fix No Sound Issue During Streaming Twitch

Often for listening to music, we may make some changes to the actual sound output and tweak in some enhancements. That can be done by enabling various enhancements under the audio settings. It may interfere with the sound output during Twitch streaming and cause no sound. So, you have to disable the enhancements if you have enabled them.

  • Go to the System tray on the bottom right corner of your desktop
  • Right-click on the speaker icon > click on Sounds
    sound settings
  • Under the Playback tab, right-click on the audio device
    Audio playback settings
  • In that dialog box, click on the tab Advanced
    to fix Twitch streaming no sound issue disable audio enhancements
  • Navigate to Signal Enhancements and uncheck the box beside Enable audio enhancements

NOTE: While you are in the Sound settings in the Playback tab, click on the Audio device and then click Configure. Make sure Stereo Sound is selected. then click on Next to confirm the setting.

Reset Your Browser


Keep in mind that resetting your browser will remove every cookie and other data.

  • In the browser address bar type in Chrome://settings
  • There will be a search bar. Simply type in Reset
  • You will see the resulting search will return an option Reset and Clean Up
    restore chrome browser to fix no sound issue during Twitch streaming
  • Under that click on Restore settings to their original default
    confirm resetting Chrome browser
  • Then confirm by clicking Reset Settings

So, these are some of the troubleshooting methods you can follow to fix the no sound issue while watching streaming on Twitch. Try these methods out and if there are any doubts let me know in the comments.


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