How to Fix Vortex Deployment Failed Error

Vortex is the latest mod manager from Nexus mods. It allows you to find, download, and install mods. It also manages all your game mods in one place. But recently, users have been complaining about the Deployment Failed Error that comes up while they try to deploy mods.

Some users are getting this error by changing mod settings in Vortex while others are getting this error when they try to set up Vortex for the first time. This error is not exclusive to a single game. So, you have to find out the reasons behind this error and then solve the error accordingly. If you are also facing this error while using Vortex, don’t worry. We have some solutions that can help you with fixing this error.

What is causing the Deployment Failed Error in Vortex?

Vortex Deployment Failed

Many possible reasons can produce the Deployment Failed Error in Vortex. Some of the common reasons are listed down below.

  • Corrupted JSON deployment file
  • Corrupt installation of the WinRAR application
  • If the mod folder is not on the same drive as the game.
  • Vortex is outdated.

We are going to show you solutions on how to deal with these issues mentioned above one by one. Go through the solutions and see which one works for you.

Solutions to Fix Vortex Deployment Failed Error:

Solution 1: Change the mod folder location on the game drive

To use Vortex, you need to have the mod folder in the installation drive of the game. If you are facing the Deployment Failed Error, then it’s possible that the mod folder is not on the same drive as the game. To fix the error, follow these steps given below and change the mod folder location on the game drive.

  • Go to the installation drive of the game and create a new folder.
  • Then, come to the Vortex Mod Manager and choose the “Settings” option.
  • Open the Mods tab.
  • Here, you can edit the Base Path of mods to the location of the new folder you created in the first step.
  • Now, with the help of Hardlink Deployment, the mods will move to their right location.
  • After you successfully move the mods to the installation folder of the game, try to deploy the mods.

Solution 2: Fix the buggy Vortex update

If the error started happening after you updated Vortex, then perhaps some bugs found its way in with the updates. The only way to fix this buggy update problem is by rolling back to a previous version of Vortex.

Note: Don’t roll back to a version of Vortex which has a warning issue that it cannot be rolled again.

Here’s a quick guide for you on how to roll back the installation of Vortex.

  • First, go to the download page of Vortex.
  • Download a previous version.
  • You don’t have to uninstall the current installation.
  • Launch the download file of the previous version of Vortex.
  • Complete the installation process
  • Check if you can find the error in this version too.

If you again encounter the error, go to the next solution.


Solution 3: Fix WinRAR Application installation

WinRAR is a data compression utility that is used to open RAR and ZIP files. If there is anything wrong with the WinRAR application, then you will fail at using the contents of Vortex. To solve the issue with WinRAR, you need to reinstall WinRAR.

  • Close every process and application related to the game and Vortex in the Task Manager.
  • Type “Control panel” in the Windows search bar.
  • From the search bar, click on “Control Panel” to open it.
  • Find Programs and then click on the Uninstall a program option under it.
  • Choose the WinRAR application and select the Uninstall option.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to uninstall WinRAR and then reboot your computer.
  • No games or Vortex related processes should not load when the system boots.
  • After restarting the system, download and install the latest WinRAR application.
  • Check if you can find the error again.

Solution 4: Fix the corrupted JSON file

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file is crucial for the Vortex Mod Manager. To deploy mods, you will require the deployment JSON file. But if the deployment JSON file is corrupted, then you will have to delete it to fix the error. Follow these steps.

  • Close all the processes related to the game and Vortex in the Task Manager.
  • Then, go to the installation directory of Vortex.
  • Find the Data folder.
  • Find this file given below.


  • First, backup the file and then delete it.
  • Launch the Vortex Mod Manager to recreate the deployment JSON file.
  • Now, try to deploy mods for the game and see if you can find the error.

Solution 5: Update Vortex

It is possible to come across different errors when an application is outdated. If you haven’t updated Vortex in a long time, then it’s time to update it to the latest version. Follow these steps to update the Vortex Mod Manager.

  • Go to the menu of Vortex.
  • Select “Settings
  • Go to the Vortex tab.
  • Here you can check if the No Automatic Updates option is selected.
  • Then, click on the “Check Now” button to install new updates.
  • If you want Vortex to update itself automatically, then you can choose the Stable or Testing option.
  • Check if you can find the error in the updated Vortex. If you do not find the error again, then the issue has been resolved.

Vortex Mod Manager is an easy to use interface. By using Vortex, you can download, install, and manage different mods for your games at one single place. It is easy to use and reliable.

If you are worried about the Deployed Failed Error, then you don’t have to be anymore. By using our solutions, you can solve the error in no time. We hope you become successful in solving the error and enjoy all your mods using Vortex again. After reading this article if you have any queries or feedback, please write down the comment in the below comment box.

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