How to fix water damaged iPhone X

The cost of the new iPhone X itself says the user how well should he look after his iPhone. The troll saying one should keep iPhone X framed up is more than just a joke. Imagine something happening to the brand new iPhone X which costs you a big portion of your pocket. When it is water damage which is considered a nightmare for smartphone users things will get worse. So here is how you can fix water damaged iPhone X.

When it comes to an issue like water damage the only thing that can save is acting fast. You are supposed to save your phone before the water damages it more. There are several things to do to get back your costly iPhone X with no issues.

How to fix water damaged iPhone X

Steps to fix water damaged iPhone X

Fixing an iPhone X from water damage is not like troubleshooting some software issue. You need to do multiple things to save the hardware of your iPhone X.

Switch off your iPhone X

The first thing to do to fix water damaged iPhone X is powering it off. This is an important step which can make a great difference. Switching it off will avoid getting into the electronic chip and will avoid a chance of short circuit. Before thinking about anything powering the device off is the must thing you should do.

Eject water from the device

A wrong belief in doing this step is using a hair dryer the remove your water. This is not a good way to do it as it can damage your iPhone fix. You should shake off the water, sip off from all holes and wipe it off with a good cloth. Allowing water to stay on the device is a bad idea which might increase the intensity of damage


Dry your device

The only way to fix water damaged iPhone X is drying off the device as fast as you can. For this, you can use some water absorbent. Water absorbent can be something like silica gel or rice. Leave the device in silica gel or rice overnight to completely dry it. Silica gel is said to be the best option, but as it is hard to get you can consider using rice for the purpose.

I hope this guide was useful in understanding how to fix water damaged iPhone X. If any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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