How to Fix WiFi Issue on Lenovo P2 (Troubeshoot and Solved)

Lenovo launched the latest Vibe Series successor of P1 called Lenovo P2. It is one of the highest sold budget segment smartphone in India. If you have bought this device and facing issue related to Lenovo P2 WiFi fix. Then you probably wondering how to fix WiFi issue on Lenovo P2.

How to Fix WiFi Issue on Lenovo P2 (Troubeshoot and Solved)

Although, the device was able to seek the huge attention in the market by its range of exciting features. Some of them being:-

Here is the user from Lenovo Community who has faced such issues with the current ROM that he is running on his Lenovo P2.

[su_quote]Just get a new P2, but seem to have a real problem. It just won’t hold a WiFi signal. I’ve tried it on my home wifi router and also on an open network. It connects for about 10 – 15 seconds the simply drops the WiFi connection. My Oneplus One, which the phone was bought to replace maintains rock solid connections to both. If I’m just unlucky and have a defective phone, can I send it anywhere in the UK for replacement or do I have to send it back to Italy from where it was purchased? Alternately, is this a common fault and is there a simple fix? FYI – it’s the 4gb/32gb model running build no.P2a42_S062_170117_ROW I’ve already wasted some time trying to download updates over WiFi and have factory reset once which has made no difference.[/su_quote]

this article solves all your problems relating to Wi-Fi connectivity of Lenovo P2. Following are the most suitable and recommended hacks to Lenovo P2 users to fix their Wi-Fi issues.

To Fix WiFi Issue on Lenovo P2, following points can be helpful for you:

1. Toggle Wi-Fi

Lenovo P2 users can toggle their Wi-Fi option.

Wi-Fi Direct allows the transfer of data between capable devices without the need of a Wireless Access Point (Hotspot) and is automatically enabled when Wi-Fi is turned on. You can follow the below steps on your Lenovo P2, turn the WiFi on and Off.

  • From a Home screen, navigate: Apps icon Apps icon > Settings icon > Wi-Fi
  • Ensure the Wi-Fi switch (located in the upper-right) is Switched on
  • Tap the Menu icon Menu (located in the upper-right)
  • Tap Advanced
  • Tap Wi-Fi Direct to scan or view peer devices.

2. Troubleshooting

When you are unable to connect wi-fi on your Lenovo P2 device, it may mean the strength of signals is not enough and you might have to check your signal indication on the device.

The user can try the following in this case:

  • Connecting to a different Wi-Fi network within range.
  • Some networks are configured only to static IP addresses, the user should check with system admin for IP address assignments.
  • If the error still persists apply Trouble-shooter or visit your nearby authorized dealer.

3. No Internet Connection

When there is absolutely no internet connectivity users should try the following:-

  • Switch to a different URL or web address
  • Reconnecting to the Wi-Fi Network
  • Check if other Wi-Fi devices are working with the network and try reconnecting the Wi-Fi router and your Lenovo P2 device to the router.

4. Restart device

Sometimes the Wi-Fi issue just goes off with a restart of the device, it’s a viable option. Use the power button to switch off your device and again.


5. Reset Network setting

  • This involves selection of your Wi-Fi network from the list and then clicking on forget to reset the network setting. However, if the user is connecting for the first time then skip this step.
  • After this restart your Lenovo P2 device wait for few seconds and then reconnect to the Wi-Fi network.

6. Ensure internet access

The User in all cases should first ensure the internet access of the router that is being used as if there can also be internet connectivity issues with your Wi-Fi routers. Users can easily check this by testing other Wi-Fi devices to the network.

7. Recommended Updation

In most cases, it has been found that Wi-Fi issues have been resolved the updating the device software to the latest version.

If your device is still not updated and you are facing Wi-Fi connectivity issues on your device, try updating your software to the latest version and recheck the Wi-Fi connectivity.

8. Ensure WiFi Settings in Developer Option.

Make sure your WiFi Settings in the Developer option is just like the screenshot shown here.


Ensure WiFi settings below in Developer options

If you could not find the developer option, make sure to activate the hidden developer option by following this guide.

9. Upgrade may solve this WiFi issue on Lenovo P2:

There is a chance that WiFi problem may be due to the software update. In case if you face the WiFi issue on Lenovo P2 running old version, then make sure to update to new Stock Firmware on Lenovo P2. This may solve the WiFi bug.


After updating to the latest firmware, perform the factory reset on Lenovo P2. Also upgrade all the apps from the playstore.

10. Reset modem

  • Even after trying the above-mentioned steps you are still facing the problem reset your modem to factory settings by pressing the reset button on the back of the modem.
  • If the issue still persists ensure the problem is with your device by checking it into other Wi-Fi networks.

Now you know how to fix WiFi issue on Lenovo P2, one normally would find in this smartphone.

Still no improvement, contact the seller for warranty claims.

It is expected the bits of advice mentioned here in this article will be able to solve off all your Wi-Fi connectivity issues of your Lenovo P2 device. Now you can be fearless with your Lenovo P2 connectivity issues.

Any further queries or questions or suggestions would be welcomed in the comment section below.

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