Fortnite 12.50 update patch: Heavy sniper nerf, Aim assist nerf, Party Royale mode, Operation payload

The Fortnite 12.50 official update is live now, and it brings with it some anticipated updates. The overall gameplay is still the same, but the aim assist and heavy sniper have been nerfed. Also, now there are two new modes called the Party Royale mode and Operation Payload.

In this article, we have combined everything that we know so far about these new changes. We have compiled a brief overview of all the changes that you will encounter post this update.

Fortnite 12.50 update patch:


Heavy Sniper Nerf:

Many players have been using the Heavy sniper as a weapon to blast through other’s builds. The gun was not intended for it. So they have now returned it to make it less damaging. What this means is that a single blow won’t kill someone anymore now. Even with full health and shield, players were brought down in a single shot using the heavy sniper. But after this update, people with full health won’t be dead after being shot a single time by the heavy sniper. Admittedly the damage caused by a single blow from the heavy sniper will be devastating, and it will be enough to take down someone who does not have full health, but compared to before, the damage has been reduced. Now players won’t be able to blast through other players’ build too.

Aim assist Nerf:

With aim assist, keyboard and mouse using players always complained that the controller players had an unfair advantage. The ability to lock onto an enemy using a controller makes it somewhat more comfortable for the controller users to take down other players. But now Epic has finally responded to all the complaints and pushed out an update that will address this issue. Now when aim assist is in action, it will work as if a 240 Hz aim assist is functioning at 60 Hz. So the developers have tweaked it to make the targeting more difficult at a slower rate. This is a welcome change for players who use the keyboard and mouse for playing Fortnite.

Party Royale Mode:

Party royale is a new mode that takes an entirely different approach altogether. Players will leave their weapons and mats behind, and a bunch of new weapons will be there, especially for this mode. There will be new things to do here, along with new locations. The locations in Party Royale include Boat Race 1, Boat Race 2, Pirate Cove, Secret Beach, Fishing Pond, Theater, Obstacle Course, Giant Skeleton, Mountain Peak, Glider Drop, Main Stage, Race Center, The Hub, Soccer Field, and Boat Ramps. As for new weapons and items we have, Tomato Grenade, Paint Launcher, Fishing Pole, Bow Plunger, Water Balloons, Burger Grenade, Quad Crasher, Boat, Paint Grenade, Crash Pad, Choppa and Boogie Bomb. There will also be a Deadpool minigame in the Party Royale mode that players can enjoy.


Operation Payload:

Here players will be given objectives of moving something over to a specified area safely, while other teams will try and stop their progress. It will be somewhat similar to Overwatch.

So these are the significant changes that we will see in Fortnite Patch 12.50. There are a bunch of bug fixes, too, and the significant changes are the four we have mentioned above. Comment down to let us know what you think about this new update. Also, be sure to check our other articles on iPhone Tips and Tricks, Games Guide, PC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Tricks.

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