Full Guide to Install TWRP for LG Aristo (Custom Recovery)

In this guide you will learn to install TWRP for LG Aristo. This guide is simple and easy. Download the TWRP for LG Aristo and use this guide to install TWRP Recovery on your phone. Here is the link to download TWRP Recovery for LG Aristo. Click the link and download. Come back here and follow this guide to install TWRP. 

Full Guide to Install TWRP for LG Aristo

Full Guide to Install TWRP for LG Aristo

STEPS to TWRP Recovery on LG Aristo.

  1. First of all enable the USB Debugging
  2. To Enable the USB Debugging you need also active the developer option, Now Go to your Settings -> About Phone -> Now Tap on the Build Number 7-8 Times until you see a toast message “Developer option enabled“ 
  3. Once your developer option is active, Go back to your settings -> Open developer option -> Enable USB Debugging 
  4. Unlock the OEM by settings -> Open developer option -> Enable OEM Unlocking
  5. Now on your PC/Laptop, Open the extracted ADB Folder and Open Command Window by pressing Shift Key + Right Mouse Click Root and Install TWRP Recovery on Elephone Trunk
  6. Now connect the PC to Mobile with USB Cable
  7. You need to Reboot the phone into Bootloader – Type the Command from below in your Command window that you opened
    adb reboot bootloader
  8. Your device will boot into bootloader, If it don’t check if your cable or drivers working properly. Now type the below command in your command window
    fastboot devices
  9. To flash the recovery, Type the command
    fastboot flash recovery twrp-image-3.img

    Root and Install TWRP Recovery on Elephone Trunk

  10. If the above screenshot shows, that means your flash has been completed. Now you need to Unplug USB Cable and power it off by taking out the battery and putting it back in.
  11. For the first time, you need to Reboot your Phone into Recovery mode by holding VOLUME DOWN + POWER until you see the LG logo and then temporarily release the POWER button, immediately pressing and holding it back down until you see the white prompt screen. You will NEVER release the volume down button in this process!
  12. Use the hard keys to select “YES” and then “YES” again to boot into TWRP!TWRP recovery

That’s it! You have successfully installed TWRP on LG Aristo Smartphone.

Follow the below guide to disable encryption and flash the Super SU root file


    1. If you are using any Antivirus software, it may show you as malware content but it ain’t. This guide is from the very famous developer MessiOO2. So please try without enabling Antivirus software.

      1. Hey man, is this a root method? Or is it just to install TWRP because I thought you needed root to use TWRP. BTW, will I lose any data if I do this?

        1. Look, This method is to install TWRP. BTW Not every phone required to root first in order to install TWRP. 75% Smartphone need to install TWRP first, then they can flash the root zip to root their phone.

  1. Hey man, is this a root method? Or is it just to install TWRP because I thought you needed root to install TWRP. BTW, will I lose any data by doing this?

  2. hey ma, this is a legit method of installing custom recovery, because it is a modified file the anti virus can and will give false positives, if that happens you must disable your antivirus software for this to install, you may even have to extract the file from the zip or re-download the file as your anti virus may delete the modified parts . once completed you can re-enable your anti virus software. also in zip form, transfer superuser app to either your sd card or to the phone…do not place it into a folder just paste to the root of the card or phone and use twrp recovery to flash the superuser zip. The comments about a virus is stated by a newbie who knows nothing about flashing custom recovery or very little about modified files and anti virus software. if you are afraid of downloading the files here I will be glad to email them to you…just send me a request

    1. Maybe try adb devices? and if it doesn’t come up with any make sure you have USB debugging and the oem bootloader unlock both turned on in the developer settings

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