How to Unlock Witherhoard Exotic in Destiny 2

The upcoming Season of Arrivals in Bungie’s highly popular free-to-play online multiplayer, Destiny 2, introduces a lot of exciting new features that fans are highly anticipating. One of these is the all-new Witherhoard, an incredible new Exotic Grenade Launcher that will now be available in the game.

This unique weapon can release a cloud of poisonous smoke that incapacitates opponents in the vicinity. Let us head down to our guide and find out how you can obtain this powerful new weapon in Destiny 2.

How to Unlock Witherhoard Exotic in Destiny 2

Unlock the Witherhoard Exotic Grenade Launcher in Destiny 2

Like it or not, the Witherhoard Exotic Grenade Launcher is exclusively linked to the new Seasonal Pass in Destiny 2. If you buy the Premium Pass, you will be able to unlock the Witherhoard at Rank 1. As part of the Premium Rewards Package. Conversely, players using the free pass will be able to grab it after reaching Rank 35. Thus, there are no missions available to accomplish or shortcuts to take. You will only be able to unlock the Witherhoard as a part of the Season Rank Rewards won by playing Destiny 2.

After you log into the game, you will get an option to buy the Season Pass. It will cost you 1000 Silver. In case you are running short of Silver, pay a visit to Eververse, and replenish your balance. After that, you may proceed to buy the Season Pass.

The weapon itself is definitely cool-looking and fits well in the Kinetic slot. The Launcher’s cloud of poisonous smoke compensates for its rather abysmal blast radius to some extent. Unfortunately, the weapon’s magazine is small, providing enough room for only one shell. However, you need not worry much because it can be reloaded pretty swiftly.

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