How to Get YouTube HDR Support on OnePlus 5T

Get YouTube HDR Support on OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T is a flagship smartphone that’s spectacular on all fronts, and amongst its numerous useful features, it has HDR (High Dynamic Range) support. It is powered under the hood by a Snapdragon 835 processor which has been confirmed to be capable of displaying HDR on the phone’s 6.01-inch AMOLED Full HD+ (1,080 x 2,160 pixel resolution) display. However, many, if not all Android apps do not detect this ability of the OnePlus 5T to display HDR, and they still display content in SDR (Standard Dynamic Range) mode on the smartphone. I’ll show you how to get YouTube HDR Support on OnePlus 5T in this article.

Get YouTube HDR Support on OnePlus 5T

XDA Developer Forums member JhinCuatro noticed that the OnePlus 5T is capable of displaying in HDR, but sadly no app detects this feature on the phone and they all keep displaying in SDR. He finally found a way for apps to detect and display HDR on the OnePlus 5T, but for now, it’s limited to the YouTube application.

Display HDR on YouTube on OnePlus 5T – Process

To get the YouTube application to display HDR on the OnePlus 5T, you have to download the iYTBP app. iYTBP is simply the official YouTube application with the ability to play videos in the background or when the screen is off. The mod was made by XDA Forums member Master_T and it also removes ads from videos, adds advanced features like per-network quality defaults, and much more.


To download the iYTBP app, go here. There are different versions for rooted and non-rooted users, so make sure you download the right version for your phone. Also, install the corresponding microG apk so that the app will work properly,

Once you install the iYBTP app, launch it, open the library and then go to settings. From there, go to iYBTP settings and click the About app many times.

Then, go to the codec override and click galaxy s8+ hardware hdr. Once you do this, you now have HDR support on your OnePlus 5T.

To test this, play a YouTube video and load it in 1080p HDR resolution. If the app is working, the white space on the video will get dim and then get very bright, else if it’s not working, the white space will remain at the same brightness level.

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