Gionee S11S To Be The Best Full-Screen Quad-Camera Phone

Seems all Chinese smartphone makers have already managed to launch their own flagship models using a full-screen technology. But one of them has set a conference to take place on November 26, and we are waiting for two new models to come our way from Gionee. Seems there is nothing surprising – a Chinese manufacturer is going to launch a full-screen smartphone. But the thing is that the Gionee S11 and S11S will sport quad-camera features along with the bezel-less screen. Again, seems nothing unexpected will happen. But the fact is a couple of shots taken by the Gionee S11S have leaked today showing SLR-like shooting performance. Let’s learn more.

That’s not a secret a facial recognition function works via the front camera. Thus, in some sense taking selfies is identical to face unlock feature. Actually, the software responsible for facial recognition captures the face in the 3D mode and restores the image to compare with the one stored on the base. This simply means the camera (hardware), as well as the software, should work jointly to provide fast and accurate facial identification functionality. Plus, every detail should be captured for higher security process. Looking at the photos taken by the Gionee S11S we can prove the company has made a lot of optimizations in the software. Thanks to it the hairs are captured in all details. You may think it’s not a problem shooting hairs clearly. But the difficulty is related to the motion. To take clear photos when object moves (too fast) the camera shutter speed should be at the corresponding level. Moreover, the camera should support an anti-shake program (such as OIS or EIS) as well as a quick focusing system. Snapshot is a serious test even for many SLR cameras. So the photo below is a real proof the Gionee S11S will come with a great camera performance.

Gionee S11S

The next camera feature we’d like to pay attention is related to the backlight. Many smartphones come with so-called ‘dead’ backlights. The main difficulty related to its optimization concerns the camera itself, CMOS, DSP, and software algorithms that put forward stringent requirements. However, the leaked photos showcase the Gionee S11S comes with a backlight camera. Look at the girl. The light source is located behind her. So the model should be lost in the light. Surprisingly, no detail in the photo has been affected by the light behind. We can even clearly see every detail in her hairs. So we think the phone uses a large area of the light-sensitive unit.

Gionee S11S

At this moment, it’s quite difficult to guess whether the full-screen display the Gionee S11S comes with affects the shooting performance or the company focuses on the camera modules themselves. One thing is clear, the Gionee S11S has all chances to be considered as the best full-screen cameraphone.


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