Google Blocks GApps On Uncertified Devices: How To Bypass

In a move to establish more constancy among devices and its set of standards, Google is now blocking the flashing of Google Apps (better known as GApps) package on unrecognized devices. The Android devices of the latest built have to undergo the Compatibility Test Suite(CTS) to use GApps. Failing to do so, the device will be labeled uncertified and the user’s access to his Google account gets blocked. Although Google Blocks GApps on the uncertified devices, it spares the devices loaded with custom ROM.

Some sources are citing that Google is currently in the process of banning latest firmwares from using GApps. This may refer to uncertified devices. Sources again reveal that any software made after the 2nd week of March 2018 will have to follow the rule of using GApps. A developer liam_davenport from XDA also confirms the issue who was himself banned from signing-in on account of non-certification of the device.

Google Blocks GApps on Uncertified Devices: How To Bypass

There is no rocket science to bypassing this blockade from using GApps. It varies in case of regular user and if a person using a concerned device with no certification is a developer. The user will be barred from signing in to his/her Google account on the device. You will see a message displaying that the device is uncertified.

Google Blocks GApps


The only way out is to register and certify the device with Google. If  Google Blocks GApps on a device you use,  which runs on a custom ROM then you have to register your Android ID on Google Device registration Page.


If you are a user without any custom ROM then you have to contact the company you got your device from to get it certified.

Google Blocks GApps

Apart from this, those who are device makers they have to contact Google for the same registration purpose. They have to visit this page and fill their company and contact details.

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Although Google blocks GApps, we now know of various ways to certify the unrecognized device depending upon user level. Follow the respective methods to certify your devices and avail GApps.

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