Google Confirms Android Pie Go Edition: Promises Better Security and More Storage Space

Google always strives to make life easier for everyone. Let it be a high-end flagship or a budget device, Google ensures everyone enjoys a smooth Android experience. This is the very reason why we see the Android Go Edition marking its presence on budget devices. The Go Edition OS packs the latest Android version for the phones. Now Google confirms that Android Pie Go Edition will soon be available for the users. This time Android Pie Go will target more budget devices. It will bring more storage space saving, more secure and faster user experience.

Android Pie is the newest and ninth OS from Google. It is now rolling onto various devices. However, we mostly see the high-end devices with intricate specs getting to the taste the sweetness of Pie. Thanks to Google now Android Pie Go Edition will be available to many budget devices. Last year until now we saw a lot of OEMs bring out devices with specific Go edition OS and Apps. Those were based on Android 8.1 Oreo.

Android Pie Go Edition

Android Pie Go Edition will save up to an additional 500MB of storage available on the device by default. It will also enable faster device boot times and ensure security with the verified boot feature. Users also get a dashboard for tracking and monitoring data consumption.

Usually, Android Go packs up all the latest features and version of Android on a smartphone with minimal hardware setup. Usually, a phone running on Android Go is basically cheap in cost and entry-level. Also, Google has its standalone Go versions of various of its popular official GApps.

Currently, there is no exact time frame for the release of the Android Pie Go Edition. However, it will be definitely very successful like Android Go Oreo version. More people can get access to the latest version of Android on a device with low res yet efficient hardware setup. Everyone will enjoy the taste of the Google’s Pie for sure.


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