Google Lens Real-Time Search Feature Is Now Rolling Live

True to its words at the I/O Conference 2018, Google is now rolling out new features to its virtual visual assistant Lens. This includes the Google Lens Real-Time Search Feature which is now knocking into various devices. Real-time searching allows users to point their camera at any object. Then the Lens will provide all detail information on that. Just point your camera and leave the rest to the Lens. Earlier we have to click a photo to analyze it for its details. The latest Lens update saves us that hassle.

The current software update is server-initiated.  This means you cannot install any APK  to avail the Google Lens Real-Time Search Feature and other updates. You have to wait till the features show up on their own. Along with this other features are also now available like smart text selection and search result for products that are similar to the stuff which the user is searching for. The smart text helps you out in focussing on a particular text and finding its details that you have no idea about.

There is a new style match feature that displays a blue dot over the object on which the Lens will focus. Once you tap on the blue dot,  then it will show similar objects that you may consider purchasing over the internet.

According to Google, the real-time searching works due to on-device machine learning. It makes use of the Tensor Processing Units (TPU). These TPUs operate at a speed of 100 PetaFlops. These can literally identify billions of words, phrases, and objects in a split second. This definitely proves, Google Lens has come a long way.

Google Lens is a more intelligent version of the early Google Goggles. It uses the machine learning and provides relevant information about any object on visual analysis of a text or an image on any Android device. The Lens unveiled during Google I/O 2017 Conference. After being exclusively available for Google’s own Pixel phones, now it is available on other Android devices as well. If you have not Google Lens on your phone, check out how to enable Google Lens on any smartphone.

The Google Lens Real-Time Search Feature and other new features are rolling gradually for various devices. It may take some weeks to reach your phone. So, let’s wait and watch what surprises Google has to show us through its Lens.



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