Google Pay Send v22 Now Rolling With Payment Reminder [APK Download]

Google Pay Send v22 is now rolling and available for download. The App brings new features and makeover to the existing interface. It is actually the Google Wallet App now refurbished as Google Pay Send. The new features include the payment reminder. Payment reminder comes with attributes like create a reminder for payment. In fact, there is a brand new button to create a new payment reminder. There is also a new notification channel. Talking about makeovers to the interface, the title bar has been now renamed and restyled. What used to display as Google Wallet, is now shows at Google Pay Send v22 on the title bar.

Google Pay Send v22

Originally dubbed as Google Wallet this Google Pay Send v22 is an application from Google to perform monetary transactions. With this App, you can send money to anyone in the US. Iworks perfectly fine even though the recipient doesn’t have the Wallet/Pay Send app. A person can also request money from others and keep track when they pay you back. Cash out with a debit card or bank account and access the money you receive in minutes. Automatically transfer money you receive to a debit card or bank account. On the official Google Play store page, you can see an update saying that the Google Wallet is being replaced with Google Pay Send v22.

Below we have mentioned the download link for the refurbished payments App. We also did and did a comparative study of new features and changes done to the layout of the latest Google Pay send App.

Official Download Link for Google Pay Send v22

Here is the official Google Play Store download link to get the latest Google Pay Send v22.

Download Latest Google Pay Send [APK Download] Download Latest Google Pay Send [APK Mirror Link]

You will install this App as you would install any other regular Android app.


Screenshots of New features of Google Pay Send v22 [Comparative Study]

Here are some of the screenshots of the latest Google Pay send v22. Also, we will compare how the features were in the older version and how it will now look in the refurbished App. So here we go.

Google Pay Send v22Google Pay Send v22

Above you can see the title bar layout has now been re-done. The older version displays Google Wallet as title whereas latest version display Google Pay App as the title.

Google Pay Send v22Google Pay Send v22

Here above you can see the new set reminder for payment feature in the latest Pay Send v22. This feature was not available in the older v21. you can also see the background color has changed which makes clear the layout has also been re-worked.

Google Pay Send v22Google Pay Send v22

Again another layout change you can see, where the notification channel has now re-made as Google Pay Send in the latest version. The older version notification channel shows Google Wallet as the payment App. You can also view other small changes has been done in the features in the notification channel.

So, that’s pretty much about it. To make the process of monetary transactions safer, faster and efficient do try out the latest Google Pay send v22 App.

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