Download Google Pixel Flavor for Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite [Pixel Dust Pie]

In today’s date popularity of custom ROMs is increasing with respect to new smartphones and the latest Android OS. Android user base no longer consists of people who get easily satisfied with the stock ROM which they get with the devices. The features of stock ROMs are limited. This is where custom ROM gaps the bridge by packing those features which the user requires based on current Android OS. Amidst a plethora of custom ROMs, finding the useful and efficient one is quite a task. However, the latest Pixel Dust ROM based on Android Pie should be your game if you’re looking for a ROM filled to the brim with features.

In this post, we bring you the Pixel dust ROM, the Google Pixel Flavor for Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite. It brings the similar experience as you would have on an actual Pixel device from Google, like Pixel 3/3XL. Almost every smartphone user out there always wish to enjoy Pixel experience however, not everyone may have the original device. So, Pixel Dust ROM will make that up for them with a regular Android device. We have put up the list of new and unique features of the custom ROM. Along with that, you can find the ROM download link and installation guide as well.

The Pixel Dust ROM is a stable release which packs a complete Pixel experience and is based on AOSP. Thanks to XDA developer amarbajpai and his team for the hard work. Being a custom ROM, Pixel Dust brows some features from other popular custom OS. This includes AICP, AOKP, AOSPA, CarbonROM, crDroid, DirtyUnicorns, OmniROM, PureNexus etc.

Features of Google Pixel Flavor for Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite [Pixel Dust Pie]

Custom ROMs are known for the plethora of features they ring to a device. The latest Pixel Dust Pie ROM is no different. Here is a complete list of features which this new custom ROM packs.

* Monthly Android security updates
* Google Apps included (no need to flash any third party GApps)
* All Pixel features present, e.g.:
* Google’s unlimited photos
* Additional themes (Light, Dark, Black, ShishuNights, Chocolate) and AccentPicker
* Google Camera, Pixel Launcher and Wallpapers (taken from the Pixel 3 factory image)
* Google App: reach it by swiping to the left of the home screen

 Features Integrated in the Settings 

Network & internet
* Show 4G Instead of LTE

* Ambient Display/Lockscreen – Display weather information
* Ambient Display – Now Playing (Be notified of music being played around you)
* Always On Display

Additional QS tiles
* Ambient Display
* Always On Display
* Enhanced battery saver
* Expanded Desktop
* Caffeine
* Heads up
* Location
* NavBar
* PixelDust Settings
* Reboot
* Screenshot (Partial/Full)
* Smart Pixels
* Sync
* Theme
* Weather
* and many more

* Lockscreen PIN quick unlock
* Enabled easy swipe to unlock or to pattern/pin on the keyguard lock screen, previously requiring multiple attempts
* Automatic face unlocking preference

System Gestures
* Swipe fingerprint for notifications
* Jump to camera
* Swipe up on Home button (Pixel 3 default navigation)
* Double tap to check the phone
* Lift to check the phone
* Prevent ringing


Notification & battery LED options
* Notification light pulse and speed
* Set per-app notification colors
* Pulse if battery light low
* Set battery light colors

Pixel Dust Wallpapers
* A set of 30 wallpapers based on the space theme

Custom features of the Pixel Dust ROM 

Status bar
* Status bar icon whitelist
* Network activity in the status bar
* Clock & date settings
* Battery settings (icon style & battery percentage)


Quick settings
*Disable QS on the secure lock screen
* Brightness slider on/off toggle
* Brightness icon on/off toggle
* Vibrate when touching QS tiles
* QS rows and columns
* Show tiles title
* Quick pulldown from the right side (users will be asked whether to allow this option On The Spot)

* Screen off power button torch
* Volume rocker settings (control DND mode; volume wake, playback control: seek/skip music tracks)
* Back button kill (for stock navbar)

Navigation bar
* Navbar on/off
* Use swipe up gestures for navigation (Pixel 3 navigation mode)
* Navbar buttons
* Pixel navbar animation toggle

* Status bar dt2s
* Lock screen dt2s
* Three finger gesture to screenshot

Lock screen
* Left & right lock screen shortcuts
* Lockscreen charging info
* Fingerprint authentication vibration
* Media cover art
* Face auto unlock
* OmniJaws weather options

Power menu
* Power Menu options incl. advanced Restart options and many more
* Disable power menu on the lock screen

Recents apps
* Hide apps from recents

* Heads up – Timeout, Snooze, Blacklist

* Smart Pixels

 Download Google Pixel Flavor for Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite [Pixel Dust Pie]

Here is the download link for the Pixel Dust Pie ROM. The image files are partition specific which we have mentioned as well.

  Download Pixel Dust ROM for ARM-64 AB Partition   Download Pixel Dust ROM for ARM-64 A-Only Partition

How To Install Google Pixel Flavor on Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

Here is the complete installation guide which will help you flash the latest Pixel Dust ROM, the Google Pixel Flavor on Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite.

How To install Pixel Dust ROM on Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite

Preview of Pixel Dust ROM

You can have a glance at how the Pixel dust ROM looks in action. Here are some of the screenshots.

So, if you have a thing for the tweaked ROMs and want to get the feel of original Pixel devices, then get the Google Pixel flavor for Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite aka the Pixel dust ROM. If you have any queries, do let us know in the comments.



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