GTA Online: Oppressor MKII hoverbike to Stop Killed Against Opponents

The Oppressor MKII was included in GTA Online a couple of years ago in 2018 and it’s known for the homing missiles and hoverbike. Now, some of the GTA Online players have found the Oppressor MKII hoverbike to stop killed against opponents. It means that the MOC Cab put 69 homing missiles without blowing up other vehicles out of the water. Therefore, it may take up to 4 Oppressor MKII to blow it up at once.

The vehicle has front placed machine guns and missile launchers. According to a Reddit user, MOC Cab (Mobile Operations Center) is way more powerful than we think. The Oppressor offers only 20 rockets and in order to blow up the MOC Cab at once, the four individual MKII will be required.

This truck can also run faster on roads and even run underwater like Vespucci Canals. The truck can get at over $1.2 million with other customizations. This truck can also use a command center and easy access to the Mobile Operations missions. So, we can only say one thing that the truck is very useful and powerful enough to become one of the all-rounders in GTA Online.

While some of the Redditors have mentioned that the vehicle doesn’t need 69 missiles. It can blow with a single Deluxo after the armor upgrade. While some of the users, even after using 4 MKII missiles at the vehicle, it doesn’t blow up.

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