Guide to Rebrand Huawei Honor 9 (How to)

Rebranding your Android smartphone isn’t something lots of individuals consider. There are not lots of reasons for one to do this either. No, you can not magically change the branding which looks on the front or the rear of your phone. Nonetheless, you may install firmware on your phone that doesn’t belong to the region that you belong to. This can obviously cause issues, but the majority of the time regional firmware versions from OEMs aren’t too different from one another. This usually means that you still delight in the exact same experience. In this tutorial, we are going to take a peek at ways to Rebrand Huawei Honor 9.

Guide to Rebrand Huawei Honor 9

Things You Will Require:

Before going to rebrand your Honor 9, there are a couple of required conditions that your device should fulfil.

  • First of all, you should have an unlocked bootloader. If you are not certain how precisely you may unlock the bootloader in your Honor 9, it is possible to consult with our Honor 9 Bootloader unlocking guide.
  • Next, you will require a custom made a recovery like TWRP Recovery installed onto your device. It is possible to find the recovery image together with a detailed tutorial to install it in our Honor 9 bootloader unlock tutorial linked above.
  • Be sure to have empowered USB Debugging and OEM Unlock in Developer options. If you could unlock your bootloader, these will most probably be toggled on anyway.
  • The procedure described below will wipe your information clean so ensure you’ve got everything backed up in a secure location. You’ve been warned. Zip
  • STF-L09C432B120 (EU ROM version)

How to Rebrand Huawei Honor 9

  • Obtain the in your pc from the download link above and extract the HWOTA folder.
  • Unless you are a Russian or have already been Russian, additionally download the hwota_sh. Extract the in the zip and then transfer it to the HWOTA Pick to substitute the original file when prompted.
  • Download the EU firmware provided in the download section or obtain a firmware for the region to which you need to rebrand your Honor 9 to using Firmware finder. If you are uncomfortable using the PC version, you may use the simple-to-use Android program also. Restart these zip files as shown below.
  • Zip into update_data_public. zip
  • Zip into update_all_hw. zip
  • –Leave the file called since it is.
  • Transfer the three files in the Update folder inside HWOTA.
  • Power your Honor 9 off and connect it to a PC via a USB cable while holding the Volume Down button.
  • Now launching the bat file in the HWOTA folder and then follow the instructions.
  • Following the rebranding is finished, reboot your phone into the retrieval mode and then wipe all information, including the internal memory.


  1. Dear Abd,
    after that Rebrand to STF-L09C432B120 there are no Updates available in my system update section. Can you point out what the problem is?

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