Download Install H91810k May Security Nougat Update On T-Mobile LG V20

Download Install H91810k May Security Nougat Update On T-Mobile LG V20

Yesterday T-Mobile released H91810j build for LG V20 and Today T-Mobile has a new update. The company has started seeding the latest May Google Security patch update with build version H91810k for T-Mobile LG V20. Now you can download and install the H91810k update manually on your LG V20 using our guide below. The update is still based on Android 7.0 Nougat. Till then you can enjoy the latest Android 7.1.2 Nougat for LG V20 (Custom ROM).

If you don’t want manual update, then update T-Mobile LG V20 via FOTA H91810k, The update is available via FOTA and LG Bridge. After the Update, Your phone’s software version is H91810k.

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Download Install H91810k May Security Nougat Update On T-Mobile LG V20


Download Install H91810k Stock Nougat Firmware on T-Mobile LG V20

The update has rolled out via OTA and will soon hit your T-Mobile LG V20 device running stock ROM without root. With this software update, the software version as bumped to H91810k on T-Mobile LG V20. The update is a minor update which comes with latest May Security Patch update. Along Security update, T-Mobile also fixed some of the regular bugs and improves system stability and performance.

As of now, this is an incremental update with latest May Google Security patch update based on Android 7.0 Nougat for T-Mobile LG V20 (H91810k_00_0427.kdz). So make sure to update to keep your device safe with May Security update which has patched a whole host of vulnerabilities in Android. (Recommended).

Now you can download the T-Mobile LG V20 H91810k KDZ Stock Firmware and install it manually using the below guide on How to Install KDZ Stock Firmware on T-Mobile LG V20. If you didn’t receive any OTA update on T-Mobile LG V20, then you can use the manual procedure on How to install H91810k KDZ Stock Firmware on T-Mobile LG V20.

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The latest OTA H91810k comes with the latest May Security Patch and update contains various enhancements, optimizations and bug fixes. Now you can enjoy the latest H91810k build on T-Mobile LG V20 in T-Mobile Carrier by following the below step by step guide to flash H91810k May Security Patch on T-Mobile LG V20 . The new update has rolled out and will soon available on your phone via OTA notification.


If you didn’t receive the official OTA on T-Mobile LG V20, then either you can wait for the update notification to hit your phone or you can update manually. As OTA may take a few days or a week to be available for all, you can try to update manually by Going into

Update automatically OTA for Android 7.0 Nougat H91810k v10k on T-Mobile LG V20  :

  1. Open Settings on T-Mobile LG V20.
  2. Go to General > About phone. (If using List view, scroll down to PHONE MANAGEMENT,’ then tap About phone.)
  3. Now click Update Center.
  4. Tap System update.
  5. Tap Check for update.
  6. If you have any update, follow the on screen prompts to update the device.

How to Manually Flash full Stock Firmware H91810k on T-Mobile LG V20 using the below guide :

What is the Advantage of Flashing Stock Firmware : 

  • By Flashing Stock Firmware, you can keep the device up to date.
  • Stock Firmware can unroot your device and keep it stockish.
  • To Fix the Bootloop problem.
  • You can upgrade and Downgrade your phone.
  • Unroot or Fix Bugs on your phone.
  • Fix the lag or stutter.
  • Solve the soft brick on your phone.
  • To revert back to stock to gain your warranty.

Pre-Requisite : 

  • Remember : This guide is to Install Stock Firmware Manually on T-Mobile LG V20
  • Your device must have 70% Of battery.
  • You need a Laptop or PC to perform this Action.
  • You should be using Stock Firmware and not Custom ROM.
  • Back Up your Data to make sure you have data’s in case if something Wrong (This Process won’t loose your data).
  • Make sure you have followed the steps properly. Don’t Skip and Read ! – We are not responsible for any damage that you make to your Phone.

What Do You Need ?


V10k Firmware will be uploaded soon

Download v10j April Security Patch Full ROM



  1. First of all, Download all the files like KDZ Firmware, LG Drivers and also LG UP latest version.
  2. Install LG UP exe file on your computer. LG UP Instalation
  3. Now make sure to install the drivers if you are phone does not detect in your PC/Laptop.
  4. Now Turn your phone off and then Hold the Volume UP key for few seconds.
  5. While holding Volume Up key connect your phone to PC using USB Cable (Don’t leave volume key while connecting)
  6. Release the Volume UP key as soon as the phone goes into Download Mode.
  7. Open LG UP software on your PC and Select Upgrade
  8. Now in the Select Path, Select your KDZ file from your downloaded folder.LG UP
  9. Once it is loaded, Click the start button down below and wait for the installation to complete. LG UP 2
  10. Once it completes your phone will reboot automatically. Booting may take time. So wait patiently till first boot.
  11. Well, That’s it! Enjoy the latest Stock Firmware on LG Smartphone.

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