How to Get the Acrophobia Skull in Halo 3

The Halo: The Master Chief Collection has paved the way for Halo 3 PC edition. As a part of this celebration, the developer of this game, 343 Industries, is giving out a new skull after about 13 years of the initial release. The skull is named as Acrophobia Skull, and it allows unassisted flying of the Master Chief, and that too at a significant speed. He does not need any vehicles to execute this.

The Acrophobia Skull also gives the Chief tremendous potential for where he can go and what he can do. This introduces a whole new first-person shooter experience.

The Halo Skulls find their place in each and every entry series of the Halo Series, with its first appearance in the Halo 2 game. You can augment the in-game experience by combining the handicaps and score modifiers with the help of these Skulls. This process also creates a whole new experience that you have customized for yourself.

How to Get the Acrophobia Skull in Halo 3

How to Get the Acrophobia Skull

To get the Acrophobia Skull, the players will have to perform a challenge which will be present under the ‘Halo 3 Celebration’ tab of Challenge Hub. This challenge is fairly easy. It will ask you to knock down 343 aerial enemies in Halo 3’s campaign or in the mission playlist. This mission will be of normal difficulty and above.

The 343 aerial enemies will try to kill you as well, as long as they are in the air. The best way to beat this challenge is to choose the ‘Crow’s Nest’ mission and play the game with normal difficulty. You will eventually reach a place where you knocked down the hanger from an onslaught of Covenant forces.


At last, you will notice dozens of drones who are agile and very weak. Re-run the checkpoint again and again and knock down as many drones as possible. This method is the easiest one to knock down all the 343 opponents in no time.

How to use the Acrophobia Skull

When you have got yourself the Acrophobia Skull, you can fly in the air by pressing down the jump button. This will propel you in the forward direction(which you are facing) with the help of the huge jetpack attached to the Master’s back. You can reach various places on the map where previously you had to rely on mods and hacks to get there. This will also open new doors for completing the future levels in the game.

The best part is, the Acrophobia Skull works both with the Halo 2 as well as the Halo: Combat Evolved. You can enjoy the game by flying through the initial trilogy with a whole new perspective of the game.

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