Hard Bricked My Moto G7 Plus after Downgrade: How to Fix

Downgrading from one OS version to another might cause you trouble in the short run. As most Moto G7 Plus users are facing random boot loops and Hard brocked devices when they downgrade. The process of downgrading is a sensitive task for any smartphone and should be performed by experts only. However, some users try to take things in their own hands and end up with a hard bricked Moto G7 Plus device. But if you’re in the same situation, then don’t worry. As fixing a hard bricked Moto G7 device is an easy process. And today we will guide you through that process.

Most Moto G7 Plus devices hard brick because of error in updating or because of malfunction or malicious apps. In most cases, a simple reboot is enough to revive the device. But sometimes, the device might go into the Hard bricked mode and cause serious troubles. The best way to unbrick your Moto G7 Plus device is by flashing the stock ROM on your device. There are numerious Moto G7 Plus stock ROM available depending on your region and preferred language. After flashing the stock ROM, your device will come back to life.

Hard Bricked My Moto G7 Plus after Downgrade: How to Fix

Why is My Moto G7 Plus Hardbricked

Hardbrick is a condition when your smartphone doesn’t respond to any physical stimuli. In simples works, your smartphone becomes dead and can’t be used anymore. In most cases, your Moto G7 Plus might get hard bricked because of any malware, virus, any infected application. But your device might also get Hardbrick in case of a failed OS upgrade or downgrade. It can also happen if your flash a wrong firmware file to your device.

But if you already have hard bricked your Moto G7 Plus device, then don’t worry as of now. Because unbricking is a simple process and flashing stock ROM will fix the hard brick issue in no time. In hard brick device, you also lose the recovery image and bootloader image. So we will try to get these service running up back again so that we can flash stock ROM and run the device again.

How to Fix Moto G7 Plus HardBricked Mode

Fixing a hard brick can be a troublesome issue for some. But we assure you that the process is very simple and you can enjoy using your device once again. The good news for you is that Moto G7 Plus runs on Qualcomm chip & it automatically enables Qualcomm EDL (Emergency Download) mode by default. We will use this mode to revive the bootloader.


GetDroidTips will not be held responsible for any issue that occurred to your device during or after following this guide or flashing any file. Please proceed only if you know what you’re doing. The below procedure might damage your device completely if not followed properly. Do it at your own risk.


We understand that your device is in hard brick mode and there nothing more you can do. But before following this procedure, make sure you have the following:

  • A good quality USB sync cable
  • Charge your device to at least 60% (keep it on charge for 30 minutes if you’re not sure about actual battery percentage)
  • Download all necessary drivers and firmware files in the download section


Filename  Size Download server
blankflash.zip 4.5 MB XDA
FastBootAddOnFiles.zip 1.022 MB XDA
XT1965-3_LAKE_RETEU.zip 2.1 GB Lolinet servers
Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 driver 10.9 MB Gsmusbdrivers servers

Moto G7 Plus unbricking process

Before proceeding, make sure your device is showing the Qualcomm download COM port. Because here we will flash the necessary firmware files.

Press Power + Volume button or 30 seconds and connect your device to your PC. It will show up as “Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 (COM..)” in the device manager window. If it does, then let’s start with this quick procedure:

First, open a command prompt in administrator mode

Now download and extract “blackflash.zip” folder and navigate there.

Navigate to this folder on your command prompt. you can do so by pressing “CD {folder location}”

fix hard brick moto g7 plus smartphone easy


With your device connected, run”blank-flash.bat” in the terminal


Now, wait for a few minutes until the flashing process is complete. After it is successfully completed, it will activate the device bootloader and recovery system. Now you can flash the stock ROM on this device to bring it back to working condition.

Now download the file “XT1965-3_LAKE_RETEU.zip” from the downloads section.

Unzip the Stock ROM file, and add “FastBootAddOnFiles.zip” to the same folder.

Now Open Command prompt (admin mode) and Navigate to Stock ROM folder. Here run command “flashfile.bat” in the terminal.


Wait for a few minutes to complete the ROM flashing process.

How to Avoid Hard brick Moto G7 Plus During Downgrade

I hope that you have successfully recovered your Moto G7 Plus device from the hard brick mode. You might get hard brick mode again while upgrading or downgrading OS multiple times. This happens because of either a technical glitch or power issue. Most smartphones get battery calibration issue and it automatically shuts down the device in the downgrade or upgrades OS situations. This causes the device to go into a boot loop condition, or eventually hard brick condition.


So this brings us to the end of this article. I hope you have successfully solved the hard brick problem on your Moto G7 Plus device. In case you’re still facing any issues, then comment down below. We will help you out in any way possible. In case you want to follow the original XDA thread for the same, then you can click here. Also, we recommend you to take regular backups of your device to avoid any unnecessary data loss in case of hard brick or boot loop issues.

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