How to Heal Fast in The Callisto Protocol

It would seem that capitalism will exist for a long time based on The Callisto Protocol. In addition to Jacob’s weapons, all RPG-like upgrades are directly tied to an in-game currency called Callisto Credits. In addition, Callisto Credits aren’t exactly abundant, nor are these skills particularly cheap.

If you’re going to reach the very end of the story, you are likely not to have maxed out all of your abilities. Therefore, we will teach you how to spend your precious credits and what you should avoid when making impulsive purchases in The Callisto Protocol. Whenever you feel reckless about making a purchase, be sure to save yourself manually first in case you later regret your decision. So, let’s check out the guide further to learn how to heal fast in The Callisto Protocol.

How to Heal Fast in The Callisto Protocol

How to Heal Fast in The Callisto Protocol

The most important aspect of Jacob’s life is his health. His enemies will be cruel to Jacob if his health reaches zero. In order to heal quickly using The Callisto Protocol, you need two ingredients:

Health Injectors

In order to heal Jacob fast, you must use a Health Injector, which is located in box-mounted loot crates or wall-mounted boxes. You can inject Jacob by pressing the Down button on the controller as soon as you use the injection. You can also use injections right from your inventory screen.

Health Gels

You may find that some enemies carry Health Gel that can help you heal faster after you stomp on the corpses of your enemies once. This will avoid the need to use a health injector immediately after you eliminate your enemies. There is an approximate four-second delay between healing animations. When Jacob uses the injector, the color of his health bar turns green; however, if he is hidden or no monsters are nearby, he will be vulnerable to attacks.


So, that’s how you can heal fast in The Callisto Protocol. We hope that you find this guide helpful. Moreover, your comment below in case you need more info regarding this topic. 

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