How to Heal Faster in Maneater

In this tutorial, we will show you how to heal faster in the Maneater game. It is a single-player, open-world action RPG game which many likes to popularly call it ShaRkPG. In this game, you don the hats of a female bull shark and take on the human counterparts. The story begins with that fisherman attacking you and your family when you were just a kid. This resulted in completely disfiguring your face and killing off the shark’s mother. So with revenge in mind, you set off on this epic journey. But that is not the only concern.

You will also have to keep yourself constantly aware of the surrounding, as the dangers are constantly looming in the deep blue sea. Likewise, eating and remaining healthy should be on top of your priority list. Because it is only then that you will be able to survive for a longer duration and fight off the enemies. Talking about the latter, as and when you engage in deadly fights, you will lose health pretty fast. In that case, it is of paramount importance that you regain your health pretty quickly. In this regard, this guide will help you out. Today, we will show you how to heal faster in the Maneater game. Let’s check out the tips.


How to Heal Faster in Maneater

The game begins with you assuming the role of a baby shark. During this early stage of your life, the threat is at the peak. Well, it is not that the dangers get minimized later on in the game. As you grow bigger and older, so does the associated risks. In that case, the attacks on you are imminent. So how you could refill up your health pretty quickly? Well there’s no rocket science involved in this. There’s just one thing to keep in mind: eat as much as you can.

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In real life, sharks are known to eat almost anything that comes in their way. From chunks of steels, garbages, and plates, their plates are never short of items. However, in Maneater you don’t have to look for all those things. There are just the fishes that should be the focus of your attention. Eat fishes and a lot of fishes of every type that you can get a hold-off.


The idea is plain and simple, the bigger fish you eat, the more health you will be able to gain. However, if you are short on health, then you will have to make full use of your sonar abilities. If you are in the middle of a fight and your health is draining pretty quickly, then use your sonar and find for a higher level fish, anything level 6 or above should do. In this regard, there are Seals, sea turtles, grouper, larger catfish, that might help you in healing faster in Maneater. Target them as soon as they come under your radar and eat them at that instance itself. Furthermore, you could repeat this activity as much as you want.


So with this, we conclude the guide on how to heal faster in Maneater. The tricks aren’t something that needs much attention, it is just these little bits and pieces that make this game all the more interesting. Apart from that, you might find our iPhone Tips and TricksPC tips and tricks, and Android Tips and Trick equally interesting and useful. Do check them out as well.

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