Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Beat Thunderjaw

Players will have to face many enemies in Horizon Zero Dawn. The enemies faced during the early stages may be natural to defeat. However, the later stages will come up with the most intimidating enemies. These enemies obviously include Thunderjaw, corruptor, and others like Glinthawks.

Moreover, these machines are powerful and are not easily defeated. Here we will tell you how you can beat one of the biggest machines of the game, The Thunderjaw.

Horizon Zero Dawn: How to Beat Thunderjaw

About Thunderjaw

This enemy resembles a huge T-Rex. It has powerful and bulky legs with a heavy tail. Thunderjaw has some abilities which make him a formidable enemy. It has an array of weapons and the capacity to sustain damage.

Thunderjaw is capable of powerful melee and ranged attacks. It has an additional ability if detecting humans through its radar. Though it has no elemental weakness, it has certain structural weaknesses. The heart and data nexus can give Thunderjaw good damage once exposed.

How to Beat Thunderjaw

The first and foremost thing is to equip Alloy with some proper equipment. The Shadow Sharpshoot Bow and the Shadow Hunter Bow will be very effective during the fight. Keep yourself with Tearblast arrows.


Thunderjaws may have excellent attack abilities, but these are easy to dodge. USe Tearblast arrows to diable the disc launcher located just above its left leg. Disc launcher can be picked up and equipped. It will be helpful because it does a tremendous amount of damage to these machines.

After this, keep on firing tearblast shots to remove the protection on its outer layer. Once the weak points are exposed, keep shooting them with harpoint arrows. Avoid using tearblast on weak points. These are required to expose weak points. Thunderjaw has a laser grid attack. Rolling to the left or right can help to dodge these attacks. These tips will help you easily defeat the big machine.

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