How to block spam calls on Realme C1

Do you get irritated with unnecessary calls that need to be picked and answered every now and then? There is no need to worry anymore! In this article, we will guide you on how to block these spam calls with quick steps that need to be followed. There are also certain people whom we totally avoid and in such a case we would also be not interested to talk to such people. These people would repeatedly call us and annoy. In such a case, you may also block such calls and get rid of them too!

There is no longer an issue of answering unwanted calls as this article will guide you with a few simple steps in order to free yourself from the burden of receiving all the unnecessary calls.


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Quick Steps to block Spam calls on Realme C1

  • Step 1: Follow the below simple step to block all your unwanted calls
    • Switch on your phone by pressing the Power key for a while
    • Click on the Settings from the Home screen
    • Now select Call and Blacklist
    • Click on Add and choose the phone numbers that you want to block
    • Turn on Block Unknown Numbers option from Call
  • Step 2: This is another simplest way to block the numbers in your mobile phone device
    • Open the phone application in your device
    • Now click on the history
    • Click on the number that you want to block
    • Select Block/Report Spam

Unblock a number

  • Switch on your phone by pressing the Power key
  • Now click on More
  • Tap on the Settings and click on Blocked numbers
  • Go next to the number that you want to unblock.
  • Tap Clear> Unblock

Blocking the calls are such an easy task right? Now follow the above steps and block all your unwanted calls and stay peaceful!

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