How to Enable Developer Options and USB debugging on Ulefone Armor 3

If the user wants to access the developer options in Ulefone Armor 3, enabling the developer option and also the USB debugging on Ulefone Armor 3 is a must. This simple process will help you to enable the USB debugging on Ulefone Armor 3 device

The USB debugging is not available by default on Android devices. The user should enable the developer option first in order to get access to use the debugging options. Here are the steps that will help you enable the developer options on Ulefone Armor 3.

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What is USB Debugging Mode?

The USB Debugging Mode is something that the Android phone user cannot skip to know. The primary function of this mode is to make an easy connection between the computer system and the Android device with the Android Software Development Kit. This can be enabled in the Android device after connecting the same directly to the PC by using USB.

Why should I Enable USB Debugging Mode?

The USB Debugging Mode provides the user with a level of access to the device. This level of access is very important when you require system-level clearance when you code a new app. The level of access also provides more freedom of control over your device. Example, with Android Software Development Kit which is also known as SDK, the user will gain direct access to his phone through the computer system. This will allow the user to do things or run the terminal commands with ADB. These terminal commands will help to restore a bricked phone. The user will also be able to use third-party tools to manage his/her phone better. Hence, this mode will be very useful for any adventurous Android owner.

What is Developer Options?

The Android Developer Options will let the user enable the debugging over USB and also show CPU usage on the screen so as to measure the impact of the software and capture the bug reports on the Android phone device. By default, the Developer options will be hidden deep inside your device. With a simple trick, the user can easily enable them.


Steps to Enable Developer Options and USB debugging mode on Ulefone Armor 3

The USB debugging mode enables the user to connect the phone to the PC. In a modern day Android device, the USB debugging option was seen hidden inside the developer options. This developer option is by default not enabled. To enable the USB debugging, the user should enable the developer options on a manual basis on Ulefone Armor 3. The steps to enable the developer options are below.

  • Visit the Settings from the Homepage
  • Swipe down and click on About Phone
  • Tap the ”build number” for 5 times
  • You will get a message that says ”Developer Option is enabled”

Steps to enable debugging once the developer option is enabled are

  • Visit the Setting from the Homepage
  • Click on the Developer option
  • Click the toggle button and toggle the USB debugging

So this is how the user of Ulefone Armor 3 can enable the developer options and USB debugging on Ulefone Armor 3 successfully. Now the user can sideload apps, install TWRP Recovery, unlock the bootloader, etc, on the device. If you are facing any difficulty in any of the above step, feel free to comment in the below comment section and we are happy to help you out any day or night.

Ulefone Armor 3 Specifications

  • This phone has a 4.7” (11.94 cm) display having a screen resolution of HD (720×1280 pixels)
  • The phone runs on Android v6.0 (Marshmallow) operating system.
  • This is backed by 1.3 GHz, Octa-core, Cortex A53 processor paired with 3 GB RAM.
  • The battery of Ulefone Armor 3 is 3500 mAh.
  • Ulefone Armor 3 phone has a 13 MP rear camera.
  • Other sensors of this phone include Compass, Accelerometer, Gyroscope.
  • For graphical performance that can make any games run smoothly, Ulefone Armor 3 has got a Mali-T720 MP3 GPU.
  • The Onboard Storage is at 32 GB that having the option to expand memory up to 128 GB. Ulefone Armor 3 weighs 195 grams and is 12.5 mm slim.

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