How to enable split screen mode for better multitasking on Realme 2 Pro

Keen to know on how to multi-task with your all new Realme Pro 2? Yes! This phone allows you to multi-task that helps you to use 2apps at the same time. Interesting right? You may chat with your friends on Whatsapp and watch Youtube videos at the same time!

Realme 2 Pro splits the screen into two halves so that the user enjoys both the apps at the same time. All you need to do is enter the split screen mode by a simple gesture, slide your three finger upwards and the screen splits into two halves. Follow the below steps to multi-task with your all new Realme 2 Pro!

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Simple Steps to Enable Split Screen on Realme 2 Pro

  • Visit Settings
  • Click on the App Split-screen
  • Enable the split screen
  • Do not confuse yourself with the three-finger screenshot that requires to slide your three finger downwards
  • The split screen works with gestures

Hope this article has given you a clear picture on the steps to enable the split screen for easy multi-tasking. Now enjoy multi-tasking with your all new Realme 2 Pro and stay connected with us for the latest updates!

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