How to Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Lettuce

There is a common network error that is showing up in many systems of Destiny 2 owners. They get a pop up on the screen when they are on the gameplay, which reads something like, “You have been returned to Orbit. Please Try Again………error code: lettuce. ” This lettuce error code is a common network error, and it can show for different kinds of reasons.

Most commonly, it shows up as a glitch for Windows PC users. Whenever a player is moving around in player areas, suddenly this error screen pops up. Again, if you are using a router with limited bandwidth and there are multiple devices connected to the router, then you will face this error when the application is unable to drive out the necessary network speed. Another probable reason that is exclusive to Asus laptop users is the presence of the Game First application on the system. This application causes this error to pop up in Destiny 2. And finally, if you are using Thompson or Technicolor router, then this error should not surprise you as many of the owners of these routers are common to this error. There is a workaround for it all, though, and we will take a look into them in this article.

How to Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Lettuce

How to fix Error Code Lettuce in Destiny 2?

As mentioned above, this is an error that shows up only when something is blocking the servers of Destiny 2. It can be a glitch, slower speed, or an application. Whatever may be the case for you, we have compiled a guide with a fix for every one of these reasons.

Restart the Game:

Now, if you see this error due to a glitch, then simply restarting the game will resolve the issue. This glitch shows up when you are on the menu for a longer than usual time. The connection between the server and your game is compromised.

To fix this, exit from the game. Don’t exit the menu and keep the game in the background. If the game is running in the background, then right-click on your taskbar and choose Task Manager. Here end task for the instances that are related to Destiny 2. Then open up the game again and check if the Error Code Lettuce is fixed or not. If not, then move on to the next fix.

For console users, simply exiting the game and opening it again should do the trick if this glitch is the reason behind your lettuce error.


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Uninstall GameFirst:

If you are using an Asus system or an Asus motherboard, then check if you have Asus’s proprietary program GameFirst. If you do find it, then that’s your problem right there. The application gives users access to several games, but it also acts as a block between your system and Destiny 2’s server.

Simply uninstalling the program will get you rid of this error. To uninstall GameFirst,

  • Press and hold Windows Key + R, and it will open up the Run dialog box.
  • Then in Run enter “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter.

How to Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Lettuce

  • This will take you to the Programs and Features menu, where you will see a list of all the applications installed on your system.

How to Fix Destiny 2 Error Code Lettuce

  • Find GameFirst in this list and click on the Uninstall button.
  • Follow through the uninstall procedure of GameFirst. It will be similar to how we usually uninstall or install any application on our system.
  • After the uninstallation is done, restart your entire system.
  • Then open up Destiny 2 again and check if the issue is resolved. The chances are that it is.

If, for some reason, you see the same Lettuce error code again on your system, then move on to the following fix.

Shift to a Wired Connection:

Another possible fix that you can try for your error is switching to a Wired internet connection. If your system is connected to a wireless Wifi connection, then you should get a wired connection quickly as it better facilitates data transfer to your system. And Destiny 2 requires quite a chunky bit of data.

After you switch to a wired connection, make sure that there is no streaming, uploading, or downloading happening in the background that might cause network delay issues for Destiny 2.


Restart Steam:

PC users use the Steam launcher for Destiny 2. Sometimes force restarting this application alone can fix your network issues with Destiny 2. For this, right-click on your taskbar and choose Task Manager. Here end task for the instances that are related to Steam. Then open up Steam and try playing Destiny 2 again. You should not see the error anymore, and if you do, then try the following method.

Restart and Reset your router:

Slow internet speed could also be the reason behind your communication issue. The main reason behind this could be that you have limited bandwidth on your router due to the number of devices connected to it. So to ease up your router a bit, you can try restarting it. Having multiple devices connected to it and also expecting Destiny 2’s high amount to data flow through it might be a bit too much for your router.

Restarting your router should fix this network inconsistency as it will set new TCP/IP values for requests and arrival of data blocks, eliminating those that were causing the lettuce error.

To restart the router, press and hold the power button until the router turns off. If you can’t find the button, then you can also try disconnecting your router from the power source entirely. Then wait for a couple of minutes and check whether the error code lettuce shows up again or not.

If the restart did nothing, then move on to reset. It will clear everything that you have saved up on your router, though. To reset, pick a toothpick and find the little restart button on the back of your router. With the toothpick press the reset button and keep it pressed for 10 seconds until you see the LEDs in the front of the router blinking a couple of times.

After that, you might have to validate your ISP credentials again like you did the first time when you authorized the connection. After that, the internet connection will be back, and you can then try opening Destiny 2 again. If your screen still shows error code lettuce, then try the final fix mentioned below.

Fix for Technicolor and Thomson routers (unbinding port):

Now, this is a specific fix that will only apply for Technicolor and Thompson routers. These specific routers have an issue with Destiny 2 servers, and it is something that has been there for three years now. If you are using one such router, then stay assured that this fix will do the job for you. This is not a simple fix, though. So be sure to follow the instructions accordingly, as mentioned below. These specific routers are unable to handle automatic port forwarding for Destiny 2. The only way to resolve this is to unbind a series of ports that are being used by Destiny 2 and enabling the Telnet protocol from the Windows Features menu.

So let’s get into this detailed fix.

  • Firstly, press and hold Windows Key + R, it will open up the Run dialog box.
  • Then in Run enter “appwiz.cpl” and press Enter.
  • This will take you to the Programs and Features menu, where you will see a list of all the applications installed on your system.
  • Then on the left side, you will see “Turn Windows Features on or off.” Click on it and then grant permission by choosing Yes when the User Account Control pop up shows up.

  • From the list of Windows Features, look for Telnet Client. Check the box next to it and then click on Ok.
  • Now restart your entire system.
  • Again, press and hold Windows Key + R, it will open up the Run dialog box.
  • Then in Run enter “cmd” and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter. Grant access permission by choosing Yes when the User Account Control pop up shows up.

  • In the Command Prompt window, enter the command: “telnet *RouterIP*.” Here in the place of *RouterIP*, you need to enter the numerical IP address of your router and then press Enter.
  • On the next screen, you will be asked about your router credentials. If you don’t know your router’s credentials, do a google search on your model and see for yourself.
  • Once you enter the credentials, the connection will be established. Now enter the command: “connection bindlist” and press Enter.
  • Now you will see a list of ports. Check and see if there is the Port 3074 or Port range from 3074. If there is just the single 3074, then enter the command: “connection unbind application=CONE(UDP) port=3074” and press Enter. If there is a port range from 3074, then enter the command: “connection unbind application=CONE(UDP) port=*Port Range*” and press Enter. Here in the place of *Port Range*, you need to enter the Port range that you see on your screen. It could be something like 3074 – 3522.
  • Now you can close the command prompt window and restart your computer. It would be best if you restart your router too.
  • Then try opening up Destiny 2 again, and your Error Code lettuce issue should not show up now.

Having connection issues on online games can be a bummer, and this is one connection issue that is common with both Console and PC users. However, one of the fixes mentioned above will take care of your problem. And you can stay assured that Destiny 2 developers will soon release a patch to fix this particular bug. Until then, stick to the fixes mentioned above.

Hopefully, this guide was helpful with your error code lettuce in Destiny 2. If you have any questions or queries about this guide, then comment down below, and we will get back to you. Don’t forget to let us know which fix did the trick for you. Also, be sure to check out our other articles on iPhone tips and tricks, Android tips and tricks, PC tips and tricks, and much more for more useful information.

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