How to Remove Bloatware from OnePlus 7 Pro Using Tomatot Debloater Script

We all know that OnePlus’s Oxygen OS is one of the cleanest and the closest to the stock OS we can get on an Android Smartphone. There is very minimal bloatware installed on the OnePlus device, and some find that useful too. But, if you want a cleaner and almost-stock OS, this guide will help you with how to remove bloatware on OnePlus 7 Pro using Tomato Debloater Script.

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The add-on apps can be installed again from the Play Store. Hence, it is not such a worry to uninstall them. The debloat script is helpful for removing the invisible apps to reduce RAM usage. This helps the device to perform faster with an excess of RAM. Moreover, the unused bloatware helps you o reduce the background activities and thus, saving battery as well.

This debloat script is from an Xda developer named Tomatot. Moreover, he has developed not one but three debloat scripts for the OnePlus 7 Pro. He divided the debloat scripts into three categories; invisible script, light script, and extreme script. Let us understand each of them one by one;

Invisible Script

The invisible script removes those apps that are related to telemetry or those that do not affect the OS in the functioning script. It is like disabling the apps manually that will retain the apps but only will disable them from further RAM or memory usage of the device. As the name suggests, it disables the invisible apps that you never knew existed on your OnePlus 7 Pro.

Light Script

The light scripts remove apps that have better alternatives available to download. Moreover, the apps removed by this script basically are the useless apps that you won’t even bother to use or you use a better alternative to that app. In this case, it is better to uninstall those useless apps and free some of your RAM and memory.

Extreme Script

This script as the name itself, removes almost every third-party apps, including a few Google Apps as well, that is installed on the device. You can install them again from the Play Store. Besides, it gives you the total stock experience you wished to have on your OnePlus device. It also removes some apps like Google Maps, etc which you might use daily. So, if you want a total clean-up OS, then only you should use this script.

To see the list of system apps that are removed by using the any of the above scripts, please visit the below link Xda Developer, Tomatot;

List of System Apps

How are the Apps Sorted in the .txt File?

The above list of system apps.txt file has apps that will be removed or are present as bloatware on your device. The apps are sorted in the below following ways;

  1. By categories (starting with #) (invisible, light, extreme)
  2. By type (reserve/app/private-app/other)
  3. By alphabetical order.

There are some apps listed at the bottom of the text file, that are mysterious about whether deleting them would be safe or not.

Remove Bloatware from OnePlus 7 Pro Using Tomato Debloater Script

The point to note is that Tomatot used his OnePlus 6T device and used the debloater on that device. There are some other apps as well that can be removed on the OnePlus 7 Pro. The apps are;

  • Netflix_Activation (Invisible)
  • Netflix_Stub (Invisible)
  • OPScreenRecord (Extreme)
  • OPSoundTuner (Extreme)
  • Qmmi (Extreme)
  • daxService (Extreme)
  • TSDM (Extreme)

How to install?

There are simple steps which you need to follow in order to install these 3 debloater scripts;

  1. Reboot to TWRP.
  2. Flash the zip file (links are given below for download)
  3. Reboot and you are done.

If any case the above steps don’t work, you can try three different things:

  1. Mount system in recovery before flashing the .zip files.
  2. Try to install Magisk and another module.
  3. Try to install the script on both slots.

Zip Files Links;

Any of the above two methods will definitely work for you. Note that, this script has been tested and used by the Xda developer and if you have any questions or confusion then you should check out the original Xda developer website and put up questions directly to the developer. The original link is mentioned below;

Xda Developer Tomatot Debloater Script

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