How to Use Nougat Partial Screenshot Feature on Android Marshmallow

The screenshot is the more effective and best way to express or share your screen activity. To be more specific then take the screenshot of the selected area with partial screenshot feature. The partial screenshot is one of the best features in Android Nougat. But this feature is hidden in codes. Developer in Reddit community found this hidden code that can help to take the partial screenshot. This Developer found a way to activate this feature by changing the code inline 53 from TakeScreenshotService to takeScreenshotPartial(). This hidden feature may get reveled in upcoming android versions. And also the developers already found the way to activate this feature in Android Marshmallow.

Every Android version has Inbuilt feature of taking screenshots. But many users use 3rd party apps to crop their screenshots. by activating partial screenshot of whatever portion on the screen you need. Follow the below step by step guide to activate the partial screenshot feature in Android Marshmallow Device.

For Activating partial screenshot feature, you need

As this is experimental, So you have to enable the experimental setting on the N-ify Module, Just follow the simple steps below to enable it.


  1. Download and Install the Xposed Framework on your device. (If can skip this step if you have Android Marshmallow installed on your device )
  2. Download the Android N-ify Xposed Module from above Link.
  3. Install and Activate the N-ify Module.
  4. Now open the N-ify app and Click on top right corner icon to go to about section.
  5. Tap on the logo a few times to enable module experimental feature.

6. Now Navigate back to mail menu N-ify app then select an experimental setting and check the box to enable partial screenshot feature.

7. Now reboot your device.

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