HTC Announces 4 Phones To Get The Android 9 Pie Update

After the launch of Android 9 Pie by Google, many phone companies have been announcing the plans of Android 9 updates for their phones. This time, HTC has announced that 4 of their phones will be getting the Android 9 Pie update soon. The phones mentioned were HTC U11, HTC U11+, HTC U11 Life and HTC U12+.

HTC hasn’t mentioned any time period for when the updates will be announced tho, but have said that the timeframes for roll-out will be announced soon. Interestingly, some of their recent phones weren’t listed. Maybe they’ll get the updates after those mentioned models, or it might be that they’ll never get it.

Android 9 has been launched and is coming to Pixel phones, along with those involved in Android 9 beta program. The new Android 9 brings many changes and updates to Android Oreo. Battery performance has been improved as the system will close the apps running in background that consume battery life. Several new features like mute repetitive notifications , adaptive brightness, etc. have been added, along with old features like DND mode, screen rotation, etc. have been improved.

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