How to Fix Huawei Honor 8X Random Shut Downs [Troubleshoot Guide]

It looks like that you own a brand new Huawei Honor 8X or the 8X Max. Great! Huawei is making some of the best Android Smartphones in the recent times. The Huawei’s Honor 8X and the 8X Max are no less. Anyways, sometimes, things do not go too well with Android Devices. There are quite a lot o common issues out there which people face with their Android Devices. This might be a fast battery drainage issue or screen flickering or even worse a random reboot or shut down.

Well, it looks like that you are facing a Random Shut Downs issue on your Huawei Honor 8X/ Max. There is no need to worry as this is something which is common and can be fixed easily in most of the scenarios. Today, in this post, we would be giving you some methods using which you can solve this Random Shut Downs issue that you are facing on your Huawei Honor device. Now, if that sounds interesting, let us top into it.

How to Fix Huawei Honor 8X Random Shut Downs [Troubleshoot Guide]

How to Fix Huawei Honor 8X Random Shut Downs

Here are some of our solutions which you can try to fix the Random Shut Downs issue on your Huawei Honor 8X or the 8X Max. Now, do make sure that you try every step correctly in order to increase the chances of getting this Random Shut Downs issue of your device fixed. With that being said, let us take a look at our first solution.

Solution 1: Do a reboot

At times, a simple reboot can solve the issue of Random Shut Downs on a Huawei Honor 8X. Just in case you don’t already know, the reboot simply means restarting your Honor 8X/ Max. This simply means turn off your Honor 8X and turn it back on after a few seconds.

Alternatively, you can also try doing a Forced Reboot. In order to do this, hold the Volume Down and Power keys together for 10 seconds until the device reboots. Once that’s done turn on your Huawei Honor 8X. Now, if the problem still persists, then you can try our next solution.


Solution 2: Remove SIM and SD Card

Our next solution would be to remove all the storage media and your SIM from your device and then charge it for a while. Now, to remove the sim card and memory card from your Huawei Android Device, you need to follow the following steps carefully:

  • First of all, take out the sim ejector tool from your Device’s box.
  • Now, take out the same tray using the sim ejector tool.
  • Take out the SIM Card(s) and the MicroSD card from your Tray and put the tray back into your device.

Now, turn on your Huawei Honor 8X/ Max. The problem of Random Shutdowns should not persist. However, if it still does, then try our next solution.

Solution 3: Clear Cache on your Huawei Honor 8X/ Max

Now, in order to clear Cache on your Huawei Honor 8X/ Max, you need to follow the guide on How to wipe cache partition on Huawei Honor 8X

That’s it! You should now no longer face the random shutdowns issue on your device. Now, let us take a look at our next solution to this problem. Should we?


Solution 4: Boot your device into the safe mode

Now, there might be some tasks or apps running on your Honor 8X which are causing these random shutdowns, you can simply boot your Honor 8X into the safe mode. In safe mode, there are no third party apps which are running. So that way, you can easily make sure that there are no apps causing any issues.

To boot your Huawei Honor 8X or the 8X Max into the safe mode, hold the power key for a while. Now, long tap on the reboot or Restart button until you see a popup asking for safe mode. Tap on Boot into the safe mode to complete the task. Now, inspect if the issue still persists. Then you can follow our last solution to this problem.

Solution 4: Reset your Huawei Honor 8X/ Max

Now, in order to reset your Huawei Honor 8X/ Max, you can follow our guide on how to perform a hard reset on Honor 8X.


Alternatively, you can also flash the stock firmware on your Huawei Honor 8X/Max as well. You can follow our Full Guide on How to Install Stock Firmware on Honor 8X for further details. Now, do note that this would wipe all the data that may be present on your Android Device. So, try this method only if the above methods do not work for you.

That’s it guys, this was our take on How to Fix Huawei Honor 8X Random Shut Downs. We hope that you found this post useful. Let us know what do you think about it in the comments section down below.

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