Download Install Huawei P8 Lite B146 / B147 Nougat Firmware PRA-LX1(Vodafone)

Earlier we shared B140 for Huawei P8 Lite in Vodafone and Today Huawei has started seeding a new updated version of Android 7.0 Nougat for Huawei P8 Lite with PRA-LX1 variants in Vodafone. In this guide you will learn on How to Install Huawei P8 Lite B146 / B147 Nougat Firmware ( Vodafone) PRA-LX1. This is the stable build of Android 7.0 Nougat firmware from Huawei. In this article, we will give the link to download and install Android Nougat Huawei P8 Lite B146 / B147 Nougat Firmware manually. This update integrates Google security patches for improved system security. [Optimizations] Integrates Google security patches for improved system security. [Fixes] Fixes an issue where you could not update meeting notices in your email inbox. As per the release note, this update is still based on Android 7.0 Nougat wrapped under the hood of EMUI 5.0 OS.

Download Install Huawei P8 Lite B146 / B147 Nougat Firmware PRA-LX1(Vodafone)

Install Huawei P8 Lite B146 / B147 Nougat Firmware PRA-LX1(Vodafone)

You can flash stock ROM on Huawei P8 Lite with the latest OTA B146 / B147 Nougat firmware in Vodafone. You must have PRA-LX1 variant to update latest B146 / B147 Stock Firmware. Follow the below step by step guide on How to Download and Install Huawei P8 Lite B146 / B147 Nougat Firmware ( Vodafone) (Nougat EMUI 5.0) Here we provide download links and installation guide for Android Nougat on Huawei P8 Lite. The Build number of this Stock Firmware is PRA-LX1C02B146 / PRA-LX1C02B147 which comes for Vodafone Region with B146 / B147 OTA firmware image. Flash it on your phone to enjoy the latest taste of Android 7.0 Nougat.

What Is In Android 7.0 Nougat And Its Feature?

It’s been a while since Android 7.0 Nougat has released. As we know Google Pixel is the first smartphone by Google which debuts the Android 7.0 Nougat update which comes with a unique feature called Google Assistant, an AI bot which acts and talk like a human. With Android Beta Program, Google released the Android 7.0 Nougat update for all Nexus device in the form of the developer preview. The update is pretty stable and Fair warning, though, that the developer preview isn’t free of bugs.

Android 7.0 Nougat comes with handful of features such as  App Shortcuts, Multi Window support, restart setting to power menu, Launch the camera by pressing the power button twice, Image Keyboard support, 100 emoji added, GIF Support, Quick Reply via Notification, Notification Redesigned panel, Notifications prioritization, Enhanced Doze Mode, System UI Tuner, Customizable Quick Settings, Don Not Disturb, New Settings Panel Redesigned, Data Saver per App, seamless updates and New Emoji Support.




Official Firmware Details :

  • Device : Huawei P8 Lite
  • Model No : PRA-LX1
  • Android OS : 7.0 Nougat
  • EMUI Version : 5.0
  • Firmware : B146 / B147
  • Build Number : PRA-LX1C02B146 / PRA-LX1C02B147 (Vodafone)
  • Carrier :  Vodafone
  • Status : Official
  • Type : Full firmware image
  • Size : 1.5 GB


  1. This Update is only for Huawei P8 Lite users.
  2. This ROM is an experimental release, It may contain Bugs.
  3. is not responsible for any damage to your phone while installing this Update.
  4. Make sure that you have latest USB drivers installed
  5. Take complete backup of your phone and then proceed.


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