How Can you Import photos from Sd Card/ Digital Camera to iPhone?

If you have a digital camera and phone to import all the photos, that you have captured with the help of a digital camera, so have you ever wondered how you can Import photos from SD card/ Digital Camera to iPhone or iPad device. It’s always been quite easy and simple to transfer all the photos. That you want to transfer from your digital camera. New mobile to transfer photos, but the primary method to transfer photos from your digital camera is to you using an appropriate adaptor.

Today we are going to show you how you can Import photos from SD card/ Digital Camera to iPhone or iPad. We have also mentioned the appropriate adaptor steps that you have to follow.


  •  Ensure that you have sufficient batteries on your digital camera and device.
  • Apple Lightning connector to SD card camera reader for a digital camera with SD card.
  • Apple Lightning connector to USB camera adaptor for Digital camera to USB.

How you can import photos from your digital camera to iPhone or iPad

Once you have met all the required accessories for or system. Then you have to follow the given steps instructions down below.

  1.  First thing first, you have to connect the Apple Lightning connector to the SD card camera reader to the iPhone or iPad lightning port placed at the bottom of the device.
  2. Then simply insert the SD card into the Apple Lightning connector to the SD card camera reader.
  3. Now, wait for a couple of seconds because it takes a moment to launch a photo app automatically on your device.
  4. Then you have to simply tap on the import. All of which are placed on the upper right corner of the photo application.
  5. However, it also so import complete dialogue box appears; if you no longer need those photos on your SD card, then you can choose delete. While if you also want to store the photos on your SD card. Then choose to keep based on your preference. Those that sell your photos will start copying or important information from the SD card to your device.

Furthermore, you can also choose the browser to import photos within their photo app album and then select the import albums. In a few cases, the photo application does not open automatically when you have connected all the ports which you can solve by manually opening the photo application and then choosing the import or copy tab.

Not to mention, you can also manually the photos that you want to copy or import from the SD card to your device. If your digital camera uses the memory card instead of an SD card, then you can use the adaptor and then use it with a USB adaptor. Likely of the digital camera having any standard that uses the SD card.


The photos that you have copied and imported from the SD card will be located on your device in the general camera roll section, or you can also find an image in the photo section. Moreover, you can also find those images with the help of short using date wise.

Hopefully, this article what your time will remain helpful for you. Bey blade, you have registered and successfully able to import photos from your SD card to your iPhone or iPad. Thanks for being with us, we would like to know your valuable opinion and feedback. If there is any query, let us know in the comment section below.

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