How to increase the quality of sound on HTC U11

The HTC U11 came to the market last year with a lot of differences from the cliche strategies of HTC. From the design to the features inside, everything was something new for all HTC lovers. The U11 is surely a device built considering the competition and change of trends in the market. The manufacturer has carefully added a lot of things into the HTC U11 to sustain good sales on the market breaking the heavy competition they are facing. We have already discussed the cool addition including Edge Sense, Sense Companion, and gesture support. Another thing which HTC gave importance on the U11 is the quality of sound. They have provided super quality Boombox speakers with the device for better audio quality. Out of the box users also get an HTC USonic earphones with a good build quality. Read through for tips increase the quality of sound on HTC U11.

There are certain things which we do that will affect the quality of sound on smartphones. Although HTC U11 has good speakers and a good quality earphones out of the box, there are certain things you as a user can do to improve the quality of sound. We have listed here some tips and tricks to increase the quality of sound on the HTC U11, please read through to find out more.

How to increase the quality of sound on HTC U11

Ways to increase the quality of sound on HTC U11

Please follow the ways listed below to increase the sound quality of HTC U11.

Hold your device correctly

The Boombox speakers on HTC U11 is located on the bottom edge of the device. So it is important that you hold the device correctly avoiding the area of speakers from getting covered to get good sound quality out of it.

Choose the correct sound mode

There are different sound modes you can select for the speakers of HTC U11. It is important that you select the correct mode to ensure good quality of sound. You will be given a popup to choose the mode when you play any content. If this doesn’t happen you can also change this from settings. The steps to follow for this are:

  1. Open settings
  2. Tap on HTC Boomsound for built-in speakers
  3. Select the preferred mode

Use original earphones

Most users who complain about a lack of quality of sound on earphones use a third-party earphone. Out of the box you get an HTC USonic earphone with HTC U11. This comes with a good noise cancellation and good quality. So to ensure the best of quality it is recommended that you use only the original earphones.

I hope this guide was useful in understanding how to increase the quality of sound on HTC U11. If any queries or feedback, please leave a comment below.

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