Indie developer brings Fuchsia support for Pixel 3 XL

Over the past few years, a close eye has been kept on the developments on Fuchsia, the upcoming Google OS support for all devices including pick up all types of devices, prototypes and the Google Home Hub and Pixelbook. But, the Google Pixel was out of the list and many kept wondering if the support would reach there devices or not. Well, today looks like the support is finally here. Thanks to a “Crosshatch” support added by an Indie developer, Google Pixel 3 XL will get the support as well.

Last night, a new code change got posted to the Fuchsia’s Gerrit source code management that is supported by Redditor mishudark, and according to reports will give initial support for Google Pixel 3 XL to Fuchsia.

At present, the support is on a basic level and only has the capacity to boot into the Zircon kernel (the minimum software used to function the device) that allows users to display the code much like displaying the command line in Windows.

Indie developer brings Fuchsia support for Pixel 3 XL

For now, you cannot interact with the console and neither is any other UI beyond the console. You can’t use touch and there is no USB support also. Therefore, for the moment you should not try to add Fuchsia to your Google Pixel 3 XL device yet. On top of this, Google also has not added support for Pixel 3 XL yet. Fuchsia is an open source code and anyone can make changes to the Gerrit collaboration tool. And, likewise in the past also Google has used patches from not just third-party developers but, OMEs like Huawei as well.

Back to the Indie developer, well Zhuowei Zhang is well known in the Android ¬†Minecraft community as the BlockLauncher developer that’s used to add shaders and mods in the Minecraft Pocket Edition. Zhang also has interest in doing code projects on his personal blog. Matter of fact, we might even get to know how he managed to make Fuchsia support available for Pixel 3 XL in one of his upcoming blog posts. But, yes whether Google will accept the code is yet to be known.


Now it can’t be denied Pixel 3 XL is Google’s own owned hardware, and they definitely will want to keep it in their control and have the grip on Fuchsia in the future. Possibilities also lie in Google already making Fuchsia compatible for Pixel 3 XL behind curtains and this could be a duplicate effort, if not the Google could accept the change.

One thing is for sure, if a developer gives time and effort to change or add to the Gerrit collaboration tool, Fuchsia can make it to any device they want. If so, it may not be long before the community develops ways to flash the new support to all current phones with an early test of fuchsia and that day is definitely awaited.

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