How to Get Rid of Insect Swarms in ARK: Genesis

The Bog is one of the most diverse biomes in ARK: Genesis. It hosts a whole variety of resources. However, in order to access these resources, you have to make sacrifices and put in plenty of effort. Here, trouble comes in the form of Insect Swarms and they will glue onto your tail, creating quite a mess for you. However, for every trouble you come across, there will always be a way to counter it.

If you look at the older articles scattered throughout the internet, it will tell you to jump into the water. They say jumping in the water will keep them off from you but it is as well a myth. It doesn’t actually work out as you might be expecting and it’s better that we turn to other better and effective methods to get rid of these Swarms. So today, this guide will take you through 3 proven ways that will work in the process of getting rid of insect swarms. Without further ado, let’s see how to get rid of Insect Swarms in ARK: Genesis.

ARK Genesis

3 Effective Ways of Getting Rid of Insect Swarms

1. Flamethrower

One of the most effective methods to get rid of insect swarms is to use a flamethrower. This will help you roast up the entire swarm squad in just a matter of seconds. The cheat code for a flamethrower is: cheat GFI FlameThrow 1 0 0. The crafting recipe for a flamethrower is as follows:

  • 75x Polymer
  • 50x Cementing Paste
  • 35x Metal Ingot
  • 10x Sulfur
  • 15x Electronics

2. Bug repellent

By far, this is the most effective way to get rid of insect swarms. Though bug repellent won’t kill any of the insect swarms, it will surely keep them well away from you. The cheat code for bug repellent is: cheat GFI BugRepellant 1 0 0. The crafting recipe for bug repellent is as follows:

  • 6x Pelt, Hair, or Wool
  • 2x Narcotic
  • 4x Citronal
  • 4x Rockarrot

3. Mount another beast

The last method is to tame a beast and make it your mount. Unlike the above two methods, this will take some time for both taming a beast as well as killing insect swarms. Unlike the flamethrower, this method will only kill one swarm at a time with melee attacks, meaning that this is time-consuming. However, if you’re only looking for a method to get rid of these swarms, this also applies.

Summing up our guide, there are methods to get rid of insect swarms that will effectively help you in trouble. These are by using a flamethrower, using a bug repellent, or by taming a beast and using it as a mount to melee the swarms. Out of the three, mounting another beast is quite a time-consuming process. The rest two are pretty effective and efficient. If you have any more queries, feel free to write them down in the comments below.

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