Instagram All Set to Bring Location Sharing Feature with Facebook

Its been a while since Facebook took over Instagram, but that has not mended the distance between them. But, now looks like Facebook have decided to close the distance as they have begun implementing major executions in the renowned photo- and video-sharing social networks executive staff.

Matter of fact, the future could see even more changes than expected. According to a report released on Thursday, Instagram is at present testing a new feature that will share your location history with Facebook. Even as you’re reading, the so-called”feature” is being tested on a prototype version to share your location with Facebook, which will allow Facebook to be able to send you ‘relevant’ ads to your Instagram account.

The app will use the GPS coordinates to send your precise location and even if you are not using the app, your location can still be located. You can view this data in your Facebook Activity Log section.

As of now, Instagram states they are not implementing any new changes and as for new share of locations feature, they said time-to-time they keep testing new features to make the app experience better. Since Instagram have not denied of such feature, looks like the new location share feature could soon be arriving in the app in the near future.

Yes, if this feature does make its way to the photo-video sharing app, then it’s clear Instagram will share your location and this might just be an inbuilt feature by default. Possibilities stand on it being active without you switching it on. Hope the feature is toggle type and can be switched off, as not all users like to share their location.


Instagram All Set to Bring Location Sharing Feature with Facebook

No doubt, this is Facebook’s strategy to be able to send ‘relevant’ ads to the platform, which in a way should not surprise the users. And, after knowing Facebook is using the 2FA phone number, which as you might not know is used strictly for security reasons, means to be able to implement ‘relevant’ ads. Now, to use Instagram for such fruits is a big speculation as of now.


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