Install Amazon Offers APK To Remove Lockscreen Ads on Prime Exclusive Phones

In this post, we will tell you how you can Install Amazon Offers APK. If you are rolling your eyes, then it is that magic App that can remove the lock screen ads on Prime Exclusive phones. We all know that Amazon Prime is a yearly subscription service from Amazon. It started way back around in 2005 which includes a number of benefits. This includes such as free shipping, access to Amazon Music,  Prime Video etc. The concept of Amazon’s Prime Exclusive Phones was you could either pay the price of the smartphone or see Ads on your lock screen.

Very recently Amazon did announce that they will remove lock screen ads through an update. This will be for all the Prime Exclusive devices. Now thanks to an XDA developer DarkPhoenix7878 who happened to get hold of an APK.  What this App does is it removes these lock screen advertisements. This App is what we are referring to as Amazon Offers APK. So, Install Amazon Offers APK to get rid of lock screen Ads on Prime Exclusive phones. If you can flash this APK on any Android devices from Prime Exclusive, you can update the application on your Prime Exclusive phones. It will remove the lock screen ads and offers as well. Also, note that you do not have to wait for the Amazon update to rollout officially to your device.

We have provided the direct link to download the APK. Download and Install Amazon Offers APK to get rid of annoying lock screen Ads.

How To Install Amazon Offers APK

In order to install Amazon offers APK to stop the lock screen Ads, you have to download the APK.

Download Amazon Offers APK

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Steps To Install Amazon Offers APK

You will install this App as you would install any other App. Just remember that after the App is enabled, clear cache from the recovery. Then you will see there will be no Ads on the lock screen.


So, that’s all about it. We are sure many of our readers are Amazon Prime Exclusive customers. Ads are always irritating, so install Amazon offers APK and enjoy your smartphone ad-free.

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