A Guide to Download and Install Google Apps for Xiaomi Mi 6

Announced in April this year, Xiaomi Mi 6 is one among the best Smartphones for those who need the best in exchange for their investment. The 2.45GHz Octa-core processor promises excellent speed without compromising with anything. Also, the phone is having 64 GB storage and it is one among the very limited phones having 6GB of RAM. This is Full Guide to Download and Install Google Apps for Xiaomi Mi 6.

This post guides you to download and install Google apps on this Smartphone. Devices which are sold in China don’t actually have Play Store installed in them. This means users cannot access Google apps. However, it is possible for one and all to simply enjoy all Google apps on Xiaomi Mi6. It really doesn’t matter if your phone is non-rooted one. In the current scenario Google apps come pre-installed on every Android based Smartphone but as already mentioned, Chinese edition of MI 6 lacks this feature. In actual sense, Google apps are simple to use and user-friendly. Without having Gapps on your phone, you cannot access Google services.

A Guide to Download and Install Google Apps for Xiaomi Mi 6

A Guide to Download and Install Google Apps for Xiaomi Mi 6

In China, Mi 6 phones don’t come with Google apps because of some problem related to licensing. Therefore you need to install them by Doing-it-yourself. Doing so is extremely simple. You only need to download Google app package on the device and restore it. Check out the below-detailed guide on how to download and Install Google Apps for Xiaomi Mi 6.


  • First of all you need to get the Xiaomi Mi 6 Google apps zip file on your device. Simply download and extract it.
  • After extraction, simply move the folder “All Backup” to the phone storage i.e. “Internal storage\MIUI\backup” on your device. In case you don’t find the backup folder there, simply create the one.
  • Open main “Settings” of your phone. You will find a tab named “Additional settings”. Open it and click “Backup & Reset”. Select the “Local backups option”. Here you can see the backup folder that you created earlier. Select it and click on “Restore”.
  • This will begin the process and you need to wait until it complete.
  • When done, reboot your device and you can simply check out Play Store installed on your device.

In case an error message “waiting for Wi-Fi” appears on the screen every time when you open “Play Store”, there is nothing to worry. The same can also be fixed too and in fact very easily.


For this, follow the below guide

  • Open main “settings”. Click ‘installed apps’ and then click on ‘Google Play Store’.
  • Simply click on “Uninstall” to remove Play Store”. After this, download Play Store v7.1.11.1 on your Xiaomi Mi 6. Actually this version will simply disable the automatically updated one.
  • Once the download is complete, install this version.
  • Reboot your device after installation is complete.
  • You are now done. Enjoy Google apps on your Xiaomi Mi 6.

For any doubts/issues, feel free to comment below.

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