Download and Install OneUI 2.0 on any Samsung device [All Ported Apps]

We know that Samsung has introduced the OneUI 2.0 with Android 10 this fall. So, of course, there are a lot of changes and new features as well. The thing is as of now only premium flagships have been receiving the Android 10 update. Naturally, anyone with a Samsung smartphone would want to experience the OneUI on his device. The only way it is possible by porting of applications. So, XDA developer AlexisXDA has ported the Apps found with OneUI 2.0 for any Samsung device. That means, you may use any Samsung smartphone and not necessarily the flagships running Android 10, and still you will be able to install OneUI 2.0 and use the ported apps.

We have put up the zip file that contains the ported apps. Also, we have instructed how you can install it. It is quite simple to do.

We must warn you that the developer has mentioned that the Digital Wellbeing and the Smart Manager are bugged. Smart Manager can be added to the launcher from the Play Store. Also, the Digital Wellbeing can be enabled from notif.panel. Samsung Dialer may not work for all as well. So, keep in mind these bugs if you want to install OneUI 2.0 ported Apps on your respective Samsung device.

How to Install OneUI 2.0 ported Apps on any Samsung Device

Before beginning, you have to follow some guidelines we have mentioned below.


  • The porting is for Samsung devices only. It won’t work on any other devices
  • As mentioned before some features are bugged.


This porting has bugs and we have listed them as well. GetDroidTips will not be responsible for any damage to your phone if you choose to install the files provided in this guide.

Download OneUI 2.0 Ported Apps

OneUI 2.0 Ported App for any Samsung Device| Download

Installation Process

  • Download the ported app zip
  • Transfer the zip file to your device storage
  • Switch off your device
  • Press Vol Up + Power button to enter the recovery
  • In the Recovery > tap Install > Select the ported app zip
  • Confirm and flash it
  • Reboot your device

That’s all you need to do to install OneUI 2.0 based ported applications any Samsung smartphone you use.



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