Install Substratum Theme Engine on Galaxy Note 8 [Without Root]

Now you can install Substratum theme engine on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 without root access. The user also needs to install SungStratum, an add-on for Samsung devices. Samsung is a popular OEM with lots of devices under its belt. So, naturally having support for Substratum is a big advantage for users who like customizing and themeing. Although Galaxy Note 8 has inbuilt theming support, Substratum will give more option for themeing.  Some older version of Substratum requires root access to install on Android devices, it is not the case with Substratum for Samsung. You can install Substratum Theme Engine on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 without having to root it.

Substratum theme engine is an active theming solution for AOSP-based custom ROM, LineageOS, as well as stock Android. It requires the device to have superuser access. In lay man’s term, the phone should have root access to use the theme engine. A smartphone must be running on Android 7.0 Nougat or higher to be able to install Substratum theme engine. It gives the access to theme independent apps and elements on your phone. Also, if the device is on latest Android Oreo OS, then there is absolutely no need for root access. The non-root devices will have to install an add-on called Andromeda.

We have put the direct download link below for the users to grab the Substratum Theme Engine from Google Play store. There is also a tutorial below for the same to install substratum theme engine on Galaxy Note 8 and apply the themes according to requirements.

How To Install Substratum Theme Engine

First, you have to download the SungStratum add-on and the Substratum theme pack for Galaxy Note 8. here are the direct download link for the same.

Download Substratum Theme Engine for Galaxy Note 8

Steps to Install Substratum Theme Engine on Galaxy Note 8

Here are the steps to install the Substratum Theme Engine.

Step-1 First of all you have to install the Substratum theme pack and Sungstratum add-on. Though Substratum is free to download, Sungstratum is a paid app. You have to buy the App.


Step-2 Download and install any theme on your device, that is independent of the Android OS.

Step-3 Go to Substratum to apply the theme to either all Apps on your device. Alternatively, you can choose any particular App to which you would want to apply the theme.

Step-4 To apply the theme, Click on Install. Then it will compile

Step-5 You can switch to the application which you were trying to theme and see if it is properly themed.


Note:- If you observe the theme is not applying, then simply reboot your device. It should apply now.

So, that’s pretty much about it. Install Substratum theme engine on Galaxy Note 8 and enjoy.

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